Friday, April 28, 2006

Athens Here We Come

I just got back from VA last night. The Tour of Shenandoah is awesome. The roads up there are probably nicer than Ashevilles I bet. The event is running very smoothly this year and the racers all seem in good spirits. The A&F team is doing great, Jered and Andy are in 31 and 32 which is weird because each day they have finished like 10 minutes apart.
Athens Twilight is this weekend and some Abercrombie boys are heading down here and tonight and then we will continue on tommorow to GA. Should be a good time. Twilight crits are the best if you can get fired up for them, and they are terrible if you don't feel like doing them. Luckily I am getting quite pumped up so hopefully it will be a good race. It will be a good race if I dont crash--that is always the first and most important goal. We shall see. Athens is followed by another NRC crit in Roswell GA on sunday. Stay tuned for a complete report on monday.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I know

I know I haven't been posting lately and this is quickly turning into one of those blogs that exist for a short time and then peter out. Anyhoo the reason I haven't been posting is because I have been having too much fun not dealing with the internet. Mark Hendershot was in town and we were busy making fun of each other for about three weeks. It was a great visit and he stopped by a race on the way home and won by a 1/2 hour.

I am on my way up to the tour of shenandoah to drive a support car for two of my teamates for a couple days and then it is off to Athens Twilight which kicks off the USA Crit series which I am doing as well. 6 crits at $10,000 a piece. Should be fun. I put a 55 tooth chainring on to help me out.

Happy Birthday to my bro Rich. He is now officially a master...well kind of--his is the big 30. Congrats.

Hopefully I can start posting on a regular basis, I just haven't had a chance to get to my wonderful library lately, but I should be able to get to it soon.
Enjoy the weather and daylight.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

spring time

It is so nice down here right now, the leaves are all blooming and it is very green and colorful. I think spring is probably my favorite time of year, especially when the time changes.

My brother rich and his wife rachel came down for a few days last week. It was awesome. We rode bikes ate food and drank beer. Life is good down at the farm. I have been enjoying seeing my family and I appreciate them driving so far to come see me. I should have some pictures from their trip soon so stay tuned.

Mark Hendershot is here right now--hence the lack of updates--enough said about that. His wife roberta cooked us so much wonderful food it is awesome. We have been eating like kings, at least I have...I actually haven't seen mark eat yet...which is probably for the better because his full-figured behind keeps on getting dropped on the climbs.

Tonight is the first time trial at the lowes motor speedway. I guess it is a southern tradition because there are like 300 people registered. I am going to do it on a tandem with my teamate. Not any tandem though, this is a medium/small which means it is tiny. Moreover I am going to be in THE BACK!!!! So basically I am going to be spooning andy while I ride this time trial. It should be fun and I hope I get a picture with us because we have matching aero helmets and should be a riot. We are going to try and set the course record so stay tuned.

Enjoy the spring!!!

Monday, April 03, 2006

race recap

Good stuff is going on down here in the SE. The A&F team was in full effect at the rock hill omnium. There were three events, the street sprints on fri night, crit on sat night, and rr on sunday morning.

calm before the storm
The street sprints were a riot. 7 people in each heat, the winner would move on to the final and 2nd and 3rd place in each heat would go on to a last chance qualifyer. I got second in my heat and rich harper (rockstar teamate) won his. Jeremy (teamate) also got second so the two of us went on to the last chance qualifyer where jeremy gave me the leadouts of all leadouts. I ended up winning that heat and moving on to the final. In the final I led out rich and worked great but we got pimped by some guy who obviously trained specifically for this event--he was moving. So as a result rich was 2nd in the ominium and I was 4th.

yea that's right!
The crit was intense. 120 starters and I as usual ended up lining up at the very back. It was a technical course, but a good course for a bigger guy, lot of high speed turns. I ended up getting in a break about 10 minutes in with Jed Schneider and Scottie Weiss and we rolled. We took turns and just kept on cranking, we didn't sprint for primes or try to mess with each other. We worked really hard together and at one point we were basically caught, but we kept on cranking never giving up. The teams that missed the break were driving the field and just blowing people out the back left and right. We kept on cranking and cranking and eventually we were out of sight again. On the last lap we started looking at each other. Scottie attacked and I waited for the others to chase, jed did for a little bit, then sat up. I jumped across to scottie and then attacked before the second to last corner and held on for the finish. It was by far the biggest win of my life. I was sooo happy afterwards. I even signed an autograph. Photos courtesy of Rock Hill Bicycle Club

The road race was a death march. To win the omnium, I just had to make sure that scottie and jed didn't win. I sat in most of the day and my teamates worked like dogs. They were awesome...they just buried themselves to keep things together. They rock. I ended up sprinting way too early and just finished with the field, but I still won the omnium. GOOD STUFF.

It sure is fun racing on my team, they are a bunch of characters and I couldn't ask for cooler people to race with.

So the b&b is open again this week. My brother and his wife are here as is the notorious mark hendershot so I am sure I will have a bunch of crazy stories in the next couple days.