Monday, December 11, 2006

not much going on

I know I have internet access all the time which isn't necessarily a good thing. Now I don't have an excuse for not responding to emails and such or for not posting on this enthralling blog.
The main reason I haven't posted is because not much has been going on, but here are the top ten highlights of last week:
1. Mixing diet sprite and gatorade. It is a wonderfully fizzy and refreshing beverage, I highly recommend it.
2. Going to the local cross race and realizing that there was keg of microbrew in the truck next to where I parked...oh yeah it was a good day.
3. Taping Rocky and watching the entire 3 hour movie then realizing that I had stopped the tape 10 minutes early and I missed the entire end.
4. Hearing about everybody having so much fun racing cross and not being able to do it. That makes me real happy.
5. Being able to ride in the freezing cold, but not being able to put a glove over my cast. The inside sweats terribly and drips down to my fingers which then proceed to freeze--literally.
6. Having the power steering go on my car. It is awesome trying to parallel park with one hand and no power steering. I can do it, barely.
7. Walking around work wondering what that terrible odor is and figuring out that it is my cast.
8. Going to the cross race and parking next to that truck; that was really awesome, it was really good beer too.
9. Writing this entire entry once and then having my computer freeze up and having to do it all again.
10. Watching the entire paceline staff race cross. That actually was a ton of fun, they are a motley bunch, but had the most fun out of everybody. I enjoyed watching them--especially because of that truck.

Despite some of the sarcasm things are good. I have been riding again and it feels great and I am more motivated than ever. The weather here has been great for the most part. It was sixty today with no wind. Made for a great ride.

Props have to go out to my good friend NATO on his stellar cross season which he capped off by crashing twice on the last lap of the state champs which put him off the podium by one spot. Oh well, I can hear him giggling about it all the way down here.