Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Roadies Gone Wild Part Deux

So the roadies whooped up on the mountain bikers again this past weekend. I won my first pro/semi-pro race in my life. It was sweet. I think the mtbers are going to be happy when the road season really gets into full swing. The course was good for me, hardly any singletrack and lots of dirt roads. I did a full roadie attack with about 6 miles to go and road home for the win. Oh YEAH.
I actually did a ton of racing this weekend. Rich and I went down to a road race on saturday morning. It was hot and fast and there were a TON of people there. The race was 100k and within 10 the break was established and I found myself in it. The break hammered for the rest of the race, nothing like a 90k Team Time Trial. Anyway with about 10k to go everyone starts attacking each other. I followed a few moves and then promptly fell apart--completely. I managed to hang on and not get caught for 7th. We went from a 3 minute gap to 15 seconds at the end. It HURT.
Sunday Andy I got up at 530 am to go to the mtb race. I thought that I would feel ok because I tend to feel better after a huge effort the previous day. The mtb race was at 9am and we knocked that out. After the mtb race there was a crit on the way home, so I figured I would hit that up as well.
The crit was all the same guys as the road race so I knew a break would go early. Rich was there so between the two of us we made sure that everything was covered. Of course one of the splits I made ended up working...why??? All I wanted to do was sit in the pack and this meant I was going to have to suffer for an entire hour. Our break was flying and Rich was controlling the field so we ended up lapping. Once we lapped rich continued to work his butt off so I would have an opportunity to win. i choked and ended up 4th. Nuts. It was a good race though and a bunch of fun.
The weather here has been outstanding. High 70s and sunny, everything is turning green already...love it.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I feel guilty

So today Andy and I went to tsali and rode. It was one of those magical days where everything is perfect and then you get on the bike and everything gets even better. 4 hours went by like it was ten minutes. I have talked to lots of people who ride a lot and they all say that on some days, everything is absolutely wonderful. Those days don't come around all the time, well quite a bit here, but this was exceptional.
The weather was Perfect, about 60 with a few clouds, no wind, the trail is in absolutely wonderful shape and Andy and I carved that singletrack like it was nobody's business. The hills didn't seem too steep at all and the downhills had some amazing flow to them.
This is why I ride my bike. I felt guilty--for a little bit, putting my bassoon life on hold for a bit, while i pursue racing and enjoying the life of a bike bum. This ride reminded me why I am doing this, and that is because I LOVE IT, I absolutely love riding my bicycle. It was so wonderful and I was so content with my life and everything involved with it afterwards. It definately made the 8 hour round trip worth while. We used to come down here when I was living at home, but I don't remember loving it this much, maybe it is my sweet mtb I get to use this year. Thanks Paceline Bicycles.
Tsali is the best trail in the world for a roadie, it is so fast and so smooth, you can just go the whole time and not get tired.
We almost ran out of gas on the way there, which is in BFE..good thing i have more gas after when the fuel light goes on than I thought.

Western NC at it's finest

What a way to spend wednesday.

So congrats to Sanjaya Malakar, who is the least favorite american idol...he just made it to the final 10...YEAH!!!
Gotta go, I have some Dogfish 60 Minute IPA in the fridge calling my name.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Roadies gone Wild

Went to a mtb race this weekend...it was 24 miles of the most tight, twisty, rooty, muddy, gullieing, annoying singletrack ever. IT WAS AWESOME. I got spanked, by the ground, trees, my bike, mud, and more trees. It was a cool course, but my mtb skills are not up to par, but I am working on it. The race went well I ended up 5th in the pro/semi pro category while andy got 9th. Jon Hamblen was there also and he stuck it to all the mtb ers there by winning by a good margin. It was funny to see all us roadies showing up to a mtb race where technique is so important. I guess that is a good way to get better and it will help this fall in cyclocross.
I ate this because I figured that this is what MTB racers eat...yum

The weather is supposed to be awesome this week and I am looking forward to a week of solid training. I am going to tsali on wednesday and I can't wait. I haven't been there since the secret training camp days.

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lets not worry about global warming or anything, just taking down that show...see i am doing my part to make a difference.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Spring Break Madness!!!

So the spring breakers have just left...booohooo. We had so much fun I can't even beging to explain. Last night dave (guy with his hand in the gumball machine) cooked a fantastic dinner, it was wonderful. Some of Ryan's female friends stopped in on their way back to Miami University and they were super cool. It was a top ten night of all times--no joke but now my foot is discolored because I actually finally went swimming in my pond. What???

This was lunch yesterday on the ride, YUM!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Gammers BACK!!!

The Gammer is back here for some spring break action

This is Dave...HI DAVE.

Ran into Garth 2 weeks ago at a MTB race. I always bump into him in the most random spots. Why are you eating doritos and wearing those shades?

It is going to be 80 today...going out for the triple hump.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

A&F Gettin It Done

Look at all these people watching the finish of the road race.

So this weekend was the first weekend of "REAL" racing, not just training races. Rich Harper, Andy Applegate, and myself all headed over to beautiful Knoxville TN for some racing; no we did not make it to Dolly World, although I really wanted to.

The race on Sat was a 85 mile road race through some awesome rolling country roads. The racing was pretty negative at first, but we were attacking and trying to get something going. I ended up the road solo with about 40 miles to go while Rich and Andy controlled the field. A group of three bridged up to me after ten miles and we worked real well together until about 7 miles to go. I attacked up a hill and went solo to the finish for the win. It was great. Rich and Andy totally shut down the field and allowed our break to ride away and it was a great team effort. YEAH!!!!

After the race we did some serious recovery with 32 oz dos equis and burritios followed by more high carb adult beverages--in pure Mark Hendershot style.

Sunday was a very technical crit through downtown Knoxville, which is gorgeous. Andy did a flying start and just took off like he doesn't need glasses anymore and just stole his bicycle. I managed to bridge up to him, by following a move from AT (1st grade teacher extroidinare). Andy, Dirk (local super hero) and myself lapped the field while Rich controlled it. I ended up going up the road again without any other lappers for the win while andy took third and rich took the field sprint. OH YEAAHHH!!!

All I can say is that is so cool traveling and racing with this team. We don't discuss what we are going to do, it is understood and we just get it done...it was great. We are racing as a team and it shows. It doesn't matter who wins as long as it is Abecrombie and Fitch.

Yeah I know this is a cheesy post, but A&F rocked it and we are excited for the season. I am enjoying this now, while the enivitible burnout is looming in a few months...

A shout out goes to Tim Jackson, who helped us out with our race rigs...I have never been on a full carbon bike before, and our bikes are not just carbon, they are "TOP SHELF" carbon and they are so sweet!!!! I was always in the mindset that a bike is a bike, but that is false. A racing bike is light and stiff and that is what we have and it feels like a weapon, not a bike. LIFE IS GOOD.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Back in winston, back to GA

Wow this week has gone by fast. Training camp wrapped up on sun morning after a night of good old fashioned male bonding which included tearing up downtown macon--it is actually a lot bigger than one would think. The team is awesome and going to be awesome all year. The personalities are very diverse and there is a comfortable cohesion among everyone.
So after 4 extra days of training this week in cold weather (50s every day) i am off again tomorrow for a day of mountain biking and the first circuit race of the year on sunday. Looking forward to it, nothing like driving to GA and back two weekends in a row.
I did manage to go to work this week. Paceline is moving this weekend to our new location right around the corner, unfortunately I am going to have to miss the pleasure of trying to move an entire store in one day. The new store is absolutely fantastic and it will increase our visibility dramatically.
So thanks to Jim B (teammate) my repertoire for cuisine has increased dramatically. I didn't realize I had a rice cooker in my possession, so I actually have made some real good meals as of late. I am not saying that I couldn't make rice before, but it is much easier in a rice cooker. Just be sure to put the water in the bowl and not underneath on the heater.