Monday, May 21, 2007

not much

Not much has been going on, just recovering by watching baseball games, drinking beer, playing fooseball, going out to dinner, playing pool, watching sunsets, drinking wine, going out, dancing, sleeping in, sitting on porches, having really deep conversations late at night with writers over wine, sleeping in some more, and finally getting sick. My off the bike habits have always impressed many.
I came down with a mild sinus infection, but it seems to be clearing up nicely.
Racing starts again tomorrow with the winston-salem world championships. It is funny, I can win athens, but the dixie classic fairground victroy this year has eluded me so far.
We have a big race weekend coming up. Friday night is the NRC Raleigh Twilight Crit, saturday is the NRC bike jam in baltimore and sunday is the Tour of Sommerville. The legs feel awesome and the confidence is high so it should be time for a reality check.
Congratulations have to go out to 2 people, Danille Musto for winning the 12 hours of tsali solo YEAH DANIELLE!!!! Andy Applegate, won the 6 hour solo race at the 12 hours of tsali also. So good job andy!!! He said he is sore from the lemans start, not the actual race. I guess they had to run 1k uphill to get their bikes. OUCH.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

no rest for the weary

I am back and I am alive.
After driving 16 hours back from arkansas and being home for less than 12 hours I am on my way to work.
Arkansas was SWEET. The joe martin stage is a wonderful race and super tough.
I finished 18th overall which is my best placing yet in a nrc stage race.
The farm is once again at capacity which makes for some good stories so I am sure I will have some soon.

more later

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


So my two day stay at home is over, tomorrow morning we leave for Arkansas, which evidently is quite far away.
After talking to many people about what I should do with the prize money we won, I decided to buy a motorcycle, and not just a motorcycle a HYABUSA!!!! I figured if you wanted to get a bike, you might as well get a big one. JUST KIDDING MOM.
I did buy something, I bought a piano!!! After getting laughed out of a piano store with the amount of money I wanted to spend, UH and I stopped by the salvation army, and they had 2 to choose from, so after calling in a favor from cameron and talking the checkout lady down on price, I have a new piano for the grand total of 67.35. What a deal. To bad we dropped it loading it in and dropped it taking it out of the truck...yeah it is a touch out of tune, but I love it. Now I can sit and play "NOVEMBER RAIN" til my heart is content.
Here is Cameron smashing his fingers.

They had children on sale when I got the piano, so I bought a baby also


I was lucky enough to have set up a surveillance camera which caught the vandals this past weekend...

Jessica and her tiara TAGGING my house.

There was a big big party monday night in winston, you can read all about it here
I probably won't have internet for the next week, but I am sure I will have some good stories when I come back.

Monday, May 07, 2007


So the USA SE CRIT series finished yesterday in decatour AL. I managed to pull out 2 top tens in the last two days to secure the overall series.
This was the coolest week of racing ever. Almost all the crits were at night, the courses were disgustingly and dangerously fast (good thing), and the crowds were absolutely HUGE. It was good old american crit racing at its finest. People may think that crit racing is not an extreme sport, but it is and it makes the x games look like it was designed for pansies. Nothing like cornering at 30+ mph elbow to elbow in a group of 100+ spandex clad dorks. GOOD STUFF.
So I am home for a few days before we go off to Arkansas for the Joe Martin Stage Race. We drove home after the race last night and didn't get in until 5am, poor rich then slept for two hours and then had to drive two more to work--AHH THE LIFE.
When we were pulling up into my driveway, I thought someone had spraypainted the entire front porch of my house, but it turned out to be a whole bunch of decorations and balloons welcoming us home and saying congratulations, it was awesome...there were even some red vines and a tiara...P.A.'s rock...
I'll post some pictures once I find my camera and clean out that nasty van.

Friday, May 04, 2007


I love the south...we pulled up to the gas station down here and we saw this guy filling up his car and then going inside to buy some 24oz Bud Heavies!!! LOVE IT.

Here is a wonderful picture of $RICH$ recovering properly...he was jealous of the guy on the lawnmower.

We are having an awesome time this week. We are so fancy there were only 7 of us in one hotel room with one bed last night. AWESOME. We did manage to get another room after debating for a few hours whether we could make the housing work or not.
Round 5 concluded last night, these crits are off the hook and a ton of fun. The last few courses have been really fast. I snuck in there for 8th last night and I think I am still 2nd overall, we will find out later today.
We are on our way to spartanburg sc which is only 2 hours from my house and then we drive to AL for the weekend which is 9 hours. It is kind of a cruel joke, to be so close to home and then drive all the way over there for two days and then drive home for 2 days and then leave for arkansas on wednesday.
Check out marco's blog to see the best picture of the a&f team in fine form. $RICH$'s back is pretty much burnt up right now.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

on the road

I am currently hunched over probably the most disgusting computer i have ever typed on, in a total dive hotel, in the wonderful south.
I don't have much time, as we are headed out to go give a high school presentation and pretend how glamorous the life of a cyclist is. I am not saying that it is not glamorous, but some of us almost did have to sleep in the van last night.
Round 3 was last night and I am still going well. My confidence is up and people seem to be giving me room in the peleton which makes for easier racing.
The course last night was absolutely insane, we went down a dark super narrow alley!!! The race didn't start until 9pm and it was super fast.
I ended up winning the mid race prime $$$$ and then taking fourth at the finish. Yeah!!! I think I may be back in the overall lead, but I will find out later.
Things are going great and the team is having a ton of fun, although my stomach feels weird--i think it might have been my rare double quarter pounder with cheese and extra large frie at 1230 from mcdonalds last night immediately followed by sleep.
Hopefully I will have pictures soon.