Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Here are some photos of the week. I guess the week technically started in austin where $RICH$ found his soulmate. Happy BDAY to $RICH$ he is 30 today. Rich Harper is 30 30 30 HAHAHAHA. Man thats gotta suck.

There was a really cool team doing the race called "Organic Athlete" they are all vegans and real cool people. Their director Bradley Saul has a bike made out of bamboo...really. Bradley and I actually raced on a combine team in 2000 at the 4 Bridges of Elgin. That was a long time ago. But it is funny how small the cycling community is. They did well. Molly Cameron is on that team and is a big crosser. He ended up 4th overall and schooled all the a&fers in the sprint on stage 5. Good stuff.

There were all sorts of A&F crazed women following us and stalking us throughout the week.

Good thing we had marco's buddy VAN driving us around all week and being our body guard.

Here is my boy NATO modeling his teams new kit. He is on Team AWESOME. Yes that really is the team name. That is awesome. Nate was a great host and had a birthday also on sunday. Happy BIRTHDAY NATE!!!

Team Manager for Team Awesome is Mason. He was out at the worthington race cheering and doing some scouting/recruiting.

After worthington there were some parties on the course, us being us, couldn't resist free beer. We were off our legs so it makes it ok.

I tried to get this guy to trade that jersey for a yellow one, but he is so hardcore into masi that he wouldn't

Bennett is so hardcore, really. He is really rocking those shorts for real. He doesn't even care. He didn't even realize they were short. That man has some serious STYLE.

Nate and I were inspired by bennett so we decided to try and rock his style. I think it works don't you? Yes that is a styx album cover on my shirt.

We take this racing thing too seriously. Here we are at a reuion of the 2003 Ohio State Cycling Team. Kyle P, Kieran S, Nato, and myself. We went to ComFest which is a big music festival in downtown columbus. Good Music and big beers. What more do you want out of life. Oh yeah, we got to race the next day. Even better.

The morning after Com Fest we went downtown for the Gay Pride Parade. We were wondering where Chad had been all week, it turns out he was tanning and getting ready for the pararde.

I think this hat speaks for itself.

Monday, June 25, 2007

We did it.

A&F pulled out the victory at tour of ohio on saturday. It was AWESOME. Marco even won the stage.
So all in all we got 1st and 3rd on the GC, 1st in points, 1st in KOM, and won 4 out of 6 stages. Not too shabby for us. We raced as a real team with a cause which made it a ton easier to be competetitive.
I am now currently in wilmington nc hanging out at the beach for a couple days with uh. This place is awesome, I have never been here, but scott chamber would like it because all the hippies that hang out here.
I have a TON of sweet pictures from the week, which are mostly not bicycle related, just cool pics. I will put up tommorow night when I get home--I am on a public computer now and I can pretty much see all the bacteria festering on keyboard...yum.
I can't say enough about how deep those guys dug this week, it was a great experience for all and hopefully we can keep this momentum rolling.
It was a great week for all, but Jimmy Mac took a bit of a spill, check it out here. Thanks to Dave Tingler for videoing a bunch of the races and editing them and everything.
Here is the link: Jimmy Mac Video
Thanks again to Blair Fraley from TEAM ECHELON for the pictures.

I will have a full write up and a bunch of hiarious stories soon.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Stage 4

Won today thanks to a HUGE HUGE HUGE effort by the team. These pics will say it all...A&F has now won 3 out of 4 stages and holds onto ALL jerseys!!!!
It was an epic crit and everyone stepped up huge. We kept it together, made it come down to a bunch sprint, which was super hectic and now we are in yellow, green, and polka dot.
I must apologize for yelling a little bit tonight, i might have raised my voice when things were getting crazy and there is no need for that, but it is bike racing and we needed to get that time bonus tonight. Here are some great pictures from Blair Fraley who is a savage hiller and great photographer. Thanks BLAIR!!!

I LOVE IT THAT ANDY IS AT THE FRONT. I LOVE BENNETTS FACE EVEN MORE. You should have seen the short shorts that m-fer rolled in today wearing. I love this team

Yellow looks alright. I guess you weren't supposed to chug the entire bottle of champagne, but it seemed appropriate at the time.

Nato says Hi to everyone. We went out and rocked OREILYS PUB afterword, my favorite old pub, it was great. Got my grub on with a bacon cheeseburger and a whole bunch of onion rings. Even NATO ate some meat.

The Jokes On Me...not in yellow after all.

so after the race yesterday the promoter gave me the yellow jersey and told me I was the leader, apparently that was just a cruel joke as I was reading today online that dickey is in yellow. HA! I have the jersey in my car, maybe I will just show up with it on.
What happened, I am assuming, other than the world being against me, is that because dickey got a 20 second time bonus and i got a 10 and I had a 10 from earlier in the week we are actually tied on time. So that means since he won a stage and I only have 2 2nds that he is the leader per USA cycling tiebreak laws.
Oh well, I just wish they hadn't given me that jersey and I wish I hadn't told everyone that I know that I was the leader. HA!!! 2 more crits with time bonuses at the finish.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tour Ohio Stage 3

Todays stage was really f-ing hilly, no joke, it really was hilly, and it hurt badly. Luckily we have a good team and managed to get Tim Swain in the early break and he single handidly set up the results for us.
Lot of crazy stuff happened, but the short version is that the our team is racing full on like a team and the results are showing. Tim went up the road and took over the KOM jersey. I bridged up to him halfway in order to make the other teams chase. The other teams did. Tim Swain rode his ass off so I could wait for the last few climbs. A group of 10 came up to use before the second to last climb. Tim swain rode his butt off some more. Dewey Dickey attacked on the second to last climb. I was able to stay with him over that and to the finish with one other person, chris montileone. Dewey outsprinted me, and I took second but we both got the same time. The rest of the team finished only 30 seconds back.
Tim is now the kom leader and I am in yellow and green, and we have 3 guys within 30 seconds of 1st.
Tommorow is a criterium, thank goodness. Back to what we like, no more extended climbs or feed zones, or having to pee during a race, or worrying about eating enough. Just some good old fashioned bash my head into the pavement for an hour and then its over. Nate likes that too.
After the race, I was checking my myspace account with Nate. Here is how nate and I roll. We are both entertained easily. Nate has been watching me play on the internet since I got here...weird. He is very excited now that he gets to read these posts BEFORE THEY ARE EVEN POSTED!!!!!HOW AWESOME IS THAT???!?!?!


Stage two was yesterday afternoon and it was a tough one. I was an 8 mile circuit with 2 climbs and a bunch of rollers. The team raced amazingly well and we managed to get our kiwi Josh England, aka, CHUNDER, (i think chunder is kiwi slang for poo or vomit, not sure)the stage win AND the kom jersey. I would like to say that we made it easy for him, but we led him out to the bottom of the last hill and he did everything else by himself. He really salvaged it and pulled it out so kudos to that strong dude.
Today is the hard stage, 70 miles in the hocking hills with 7 real climbs. OH BOY. Wish I hadn't eaten all those cheeseburgers this winter now.
We have all three jerseys now, now all we need to do is to keep them.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

austin, tour ohio stage one.

I have a lot of catching up to do, I am currently in Columbus Ohio, which feels like home, staying at NATOS, who is my old roomated when I lived here. It is so good to be back in Ohio and doing tour ohio for the 5th time.
So last friday we flew to austin to do round 4 of the USA CRIT series. Austin is a fantastic town and the race was right smack dab downtown. We stayed with $RICH$'S old teammated Phil and his girlfriend danielle. They showed us the best restaurants and took real good care of us, it was sweet. We had mexican for EVERY meal even breakfast while we where there. LOVE IT.
The race was saturday night I raced real aggresivley and ended up getting in a good move with about 35 laps to go. We stayed away until less than one lap to go. LESS THAN ONE STINKING LAP. We got caught, I managed to hang on for 8th with harper 9th and gavic 12th. So it was a good weekend. As a result I still have the lead of the Crit series, but moreover, that moves A&F into first in the team comp. Harper has moved into the top 10 as has Brandon Gavic.
Here are 2 pictures of the race courtesy of Georges Schemagin at Thanks

So we raced sat night in austin, flew back to raleigh nc on sunday afternoon, drove back to winston sun night, woke up super early monday to pack, left at 8 am to drive to ohio and was racing the first stage at 630pm. Crazy Traveling.
Tour Ohio this year has 127 racers, that is quite a bit. I love this race and tym tyler does a sweet job putting it together.
Stage 1 was AWESOME. The course was super tight, less that 1 km in length with 8 TURNS!!!! I saw that course and smiled. I love technical crits, they are my most favorite things EVER.
We have 9 people on our team for this race and we are all crit racers, for the most part. We attacked and attacked and attacked to try to get away and keep the pace up, but people kept on chasing and chasing. I ended up winning all the intermediate sprints for the sprinters jersey while marco kept on taking 2nd in them. In the end it came down to a bunch sprint and we lined it out for marco. I had last pull and took him through the last corner and since the sprint was so short only he came around so we went 1st and 2nd.
Our team raced so hard today it was insane. Everyone raced, it was really cool to see everyone throwing down at the front.
That course was so cool. The race started with 127 people, but I think at least 1/3rd got dropped, it was lined out the entire race.
Stage 2 is this afternoon in gambier oh. it is a circuit race with 2 climbs on it. So we will see how our teams "crit" phsyiques holds up in the hills. Today isn't that bad, but wednesday has some big big climbs...

Friday, June 15, 2007



I couldn't find of picture of him swimming, but I did find a picture of a gay synchornized swim team.
29 and still rockin it! HA! Almost 30 buddy.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

touch of grey

Yeah...I really need to stop listening to the grateful dead. I did some intervals yesterday, and when I was trying to go as fast as I could, all I could hear in my head was a very relaxed version of "touch of grey"...I need to start listening to the band disturbed or something like that. Enough of this laid back stuff.
Had a great dinner with a good friend of mine tonight--Jay, is one of my first friends here in winston and a new proud father and it we don't hang as much as both of us would like, but it is good to catch up when we can. I miss the long training rides this winter afforded both of us.
I fly with my bicycle for the first time in my life tommorrow. I have never flown to the race and it is cool that I finally get to do that tommorrow. I guess I am "BIG TIME" now that I get to fly. HA! We are going to Austin TX to race round 4 of the USA CRIT SERIES. I am still leading the series which is amazing to me and our whole team...hopefully we can retain that lead after this weekend.
Winston has been treating me very well as there are many bike racers living here now who like to go out and misbehave. I would encourage anyone looking for a place to move to come here....I have rooms for rent--JUST KIDDING. But this is a great time.
I fly back sunday afternoon and drive to ohio on monday for the start of tour of ohio on monday afternoon.
It is cool going to race at all these different places, but it would be nice to be home for more than 5 days in a row.
Check out Road Magazine. It hit newstands today, haven't seen it, but I hear it is a cool story.
Brad F just called me, believe it or not so I have to go.


Monday, June 11, 2007


Yes I am listening to the grateful dead while I post this. Love that band, man oh man!!!
So yeah we raced again this weekend, woke up at 5am to drive to tn, did a cool point to point road race on saturday morning that ended on an 8 mile climb, rode back to the car after the road race completely cracked, ate chicken tacos, did a TT saturday afternoon, drove back to asheville, drank 40s (yes plural) on andy's porch, drove back to tn sunday morning, raced a crit, won the crit and the omnium. It was AWESOME!!
It was a really good weekend, we had a TON of fun and got to see a bunch of familiar faces. The SE region is by far the best region to race in. The racing is hard, the people are cool, the teams are evenly stacked, and the prize lists are big.
It was just rich, andy, and myself and we raced like a true team and it worked out for us. It is fun having a small cohesive unit like that were everyone races together. It feels good.
Is that a good enough race report? I think people like the picutres more than my awful prose so here are the higlights from the weekend.
The criterium was in downtown Bristol TN and in VA these markers were down the straightaway. Half in TN half in VA. Pretty Cool

Bristol has a bunch of cool shows coming through town...mark that date on your calendar.

It was cool to see the regional guys. Here is geri showing us his hidden talents.

$RICH$ having to check the tire pressure after having a very tall cool one. Rich crashed in the road race and literally almost got run over by a dualie towing horses...NO JOKE. It was scary, but everyone was ok.

The new crit monster A2. Andy hit the deck real bad on the last lap, he will be ok. His haircut is amazing...

I love cheetos...LOVE THEM

The secret to racing fast in a criterium on sunday after racing hard twice on saturday is proper recovery. I opted for the high life, while $RICH$ is more into the king cobra. We enjoyed those on A2's new huge porch. It was sweet.

I am home for 5 days now. I fly to austin for USA CRIT race #4 friday and then go directly to TOUR OHIO on monday so lots of racing coming up. But for now it feels good to be home.

Friday, June 08, 2007


I wish I still had my Arrested Development cassette tape; remember the song Tennessee? I remember because my friend brad used to sing it all the time when he was going to go to TN for a swim meet.
Anyway we are going to tn for some bikin this weekend and it should be sweet. I haven't done a road race in a long time and I don't think I have done a road race that ends on an 8 mile climb in a really long time. There is the rr tomorrow morning followed by a 5 mile tt in the afternoon and then a criterium on sunday. It should be fun as it is just $Rich$ Andy and myself going.
It is hot here in NC. Not much has been going on here, just been riding and working and sitting in AC.

Monday, June 04, 2007

yes I know

I know I know I know I haven't updated in a while. There are good reasons for that, mainly that I have f-in busy OKAY?!!!
HA people would be amazed at what I consider busy.
Things have been so amazily wonderful lately that I am scared that something tragic is about to happen..oh wait, maybe this is payback for spending 4 MONTHS in a cast this winter!!!!
Anyway bike racing is going well, I am still leading the usa crit series--pinch me I am dreaming. I have been traveling traveling traveling. I just got back from washington dc this weekend where I did my fanciest race to date--the CSC Invitational. It was sureal and super cool to be able to participate in a race like that. Amateurs are not allowed in that race, but since it was on the USA Crit circuit, they graciously allowed me and marco to be part of a combine team with 6 other amateurs. We were part of the "Arlington Sports All Stars" It was cool it worked out great because they had a bunch of people to support us and give us water in the feed zone--it was SO HOT!! Anyway it was a pretty uneventful race--I was off the front for a little bit, then tailgunned the rest of the race and ended up 13th.
So enough talk. Here are some pics that more aptly show what I have been up to.
Breakfast on the porch with Jill, Josh and UH

Complete with screwdrivers

$RICH$ trying to cure some serious swamp ass by drying his drawers out on the dash.

Look at KYLE--my personal DS. I haven't seen him in years, but traveling has brought us back together a few times in the last couple weeks. YEAH...nato you are missing out.

All star teammate Jon Hamblen showing off his new jeans...WOW!!

I dont think my jersey for CSC matches too well with my A&F Shorts. Its ok though it was so hot and if we didn't have them feeding us, there was NO way we would have finished. THANKS!!

Who wants Chocolate??? Happy birthday LIZ!!!

Travel Buddy and long lost brother for memorial day weekend PHIL taking racing and recovering seriously...