Thursday, February 28, 2008

Race report

So here is todays report. Sorry for splitting these up but my phone only can hold so many words for each message.
Today was 150k with 2 8k climbs. we climbed over a mountain and went down the other side and literally did a u turn at the bottom and went back up. I managed to make it over both with the lead group which contained a ton of little people that really need to eat a cheeseburger. Everything came back together with about 25k to go and we set frank up for the sprint. Things were going awesome until some racer decided to hold onto franks jersey. Seriously this guy was just holding on to frank for no real reason. The kid got his though as he ended up hitting a pot hole with only one hand on the bars and crashed. that caused a huge split and frank and i coasted in, both in the top ten. These guys down here race crazy. This is not the usa and the phrase 'free for all' sums up everything.
So everything is good now but Tomorrow we climb a huge mountain so that should be interesting.

Nice accomodations

So this trip has been so cool. I have the mindset of this being more of a adventure than a bicycle race. That is why the fact that we are literally staying in a motel that caters to illegitimate sex makes me smile. It is hysterical. Picture a self storage unit complete with a gate and that is what this place looks like. Each room has a garage so no one can see your car. The room also comes equipped with condoms and there is a mirror on the ceiling. It is a nice place though. the rooms appear clean and the shower has good pressure. So i am not complaining i am just trying to relay what is going on.
The racing today was tough. We had a 2 hour bus ride to the start which was miserable because i had to pee so bad and the roads were so bumpy and it was super hot.
This whole trip is cool. We hurry up and then wait and then hurry up again and then wait some more. It has gone really smoothly though. We have 5 staff for 5 racers and those guys work the whole time. Their help is clutch.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Today is independance day here in the DR. It is a crazy environment because everyone seems to be dressed up in costumes. I have a bunch of pictures but no way of posting them due to utter lack of internet.
To celebrate this holiday the promoters had us race twice. 90K in the morning and then 100k in the afternoon. It made for a long long day and i am super tired now.
This morning was so fast we averaged over 50k an hour. I finally crashed with 5 to go after narrowly avoiding tons of crashes all week. It wasn't too bad but i have a raspberry on my butt cheek. Keith rolled it today for 6th to keep the top ten streak alive.
After the race we had a nice meal and hung out in the shade for a while and then it was time to race again.
The afternoon race was fast again with raging cross winds.
Frank went out solo early in the race only to be caught 10k from the finish. The field splintered about that time and i found myself in the second group which lost about 2 minutes. Tough day.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rocking and rolling.

So keith norris and frank travieso (teammates) rock stars. keith attacked halfway into the 140 k, all headwind, stupidly hot, super hilly stage. Frank bridged up to him about 10k later and those guys just motored away and went 1 2 with keith taking the honors. It was incredible and super exciting for the whole team. The best part was yesterday afternoon we had A beer at the pool bar and other racers were giving us crap about it. So those guys just went out and waxed everyone. It was sweet. I mixed it up in the field sprint and managed 6th on the day. There were literally 3 speed bumps on the finishing straight. We would bunny hop and sprint and jump again. Its hysterical and i love it. As far as the overall goes, alex is in 14th and i am in 17th we are both within striking distance still. The racing is getting super exciting.

Monday, February 25, 2008

What does Gringo mean?

So everyone here calls me gringo now. I am not sure if that is derogatory or not.
Today we raced 170k to a little beach village called Barahona. We had our first taste of climbing today and our first taste of riding in the desert. It was very hot and miserable.
Alex Hagman was a stud today and got off the front with 100k to go. That move stuck and he ended up 5th on the day. I made the front split on the climb and ended up finishing in that group which was about 5 minutes down on the front. We dont have the results yet but things got mixed up a bit today. It is sweet that alex made that group because he is a true climber and the mountains are coming.
So far this has been an awesome experience and i have been trying to take it all in.
Tonight we are staying at an awesome hotel right on the beach so i have to go swimming now...
I have been posting these with my phone so i apologize for typos and such as i cannot edit them.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Stage 2

Today went good again. The race was 140 miles and we did it in under 3 hours! it was super quick and fun. Winston was off the front ALL day only to be caught 10 k from the finish.
We then tried to set keith up for the finish but things got real sketchy and he ended up having to fend for himself but still swung 8th. Everyone else finished with the same time.
Things are still going good but i havent had any coffee in days! That is a new record for me.
it is so hot here and apparently spf 50 isn't strong enough for my white ass.
I have a new nickname here, they are calling me jumbo. ha!