Monday, April 28, 2008

Rough Start

But at least I have a half naked Jim cooking for me...

So Athens Twilight was this past saturday, and that race is by far the coolest race of the year. The crowds are crazy and super loud and the racing is so so so fast.
I flatted and crashed going really fast about 15 laps in this year taking out Frank in the process. It hurt a good amount and i have some decent road rash. After that my bike didn't seem normal, as it was handling super weird and was flexing all over. Turns out my fork was a bit damaged.

I also broke a carbon Dura Ace wheel, that is probably the last time my team will let me ride the race wheels...HA!

Anyway it was a tough start for us, but there is a ton more crit racing to do this week and it will be a blast. We are super excited to have another go at it.

The best part about athens is hanging out with everyone after the race. The town is sweet and has a ton of cool bars.
Here is UH and Tori celebrating their birthdays.

The inferno boys were out on the town too looking good as ever. Here is bennett protecting UH from Rich...ha!!!

Beufort SC is the next race on tuesday night.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sounds like a party to me

Check out this article on Twilight, (scroll down) it sounds like its gonna be a ton of fun.

In other news I got my car back and I am out of vaseline now. It is nice having a new transmission because with the new one I can get up to about 15mph and throw it into reverse while I am still going forward and it catches right away and starts going backwards. It is fun and it only seems to work when the car is new.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

check out this prime

Yes that is the prime i won on sunday during the Dogwood Classic Criterium in Knoxville TN. Yes that is 5 gels at a retail value of $5.89. Ha!!!
The race was sweet though, as it was a non technical crit course but 3 of the 4 straights were uphill and the one that was downhill was super fast.
I managed to get away near the beginning of the race with 5 others and as the race progressed 3 of us lapped. I then took advnatage of some in-fighting between my other 2 breakaway partners and got away again for the win. It was a fun tune up race for twilight this weekend and I feel good...just need to get my car fixed and everything will be alright.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yes I Know This Guy

Congrats to my teammate Dan Vaillancourt!!! He ripped it to a 2nd place finish at the Cohutta 100 mtb race. That is a huge result among a very stacked field. Read all about it here.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


TOSHIBA-Santo Pro Cycing Team presented by Herbalife Take All Stages
at Chattanooga-Mountain Cove Georgia Cup

It seems that the Georgia Cup race series is drawing more and more high caliber riders to its races week by week. This past weekend was no exception, as several strong men, including the TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife team, made the trip to our neighbors to the North. Frank Travieso, Mark Hekman, Keith Norris, Predrag Prokic, who has recently returned from competing in Serbia, Alex Hagman, Tommy Nankervis, and Dan Vaillancourt all represented Team TOSHIBA against some steep competition, including BMC's Brent Brookwalter, Trent Wilson, Tim Henry, and Ryan Sullivan of Jittery Joe's, and Jeff Hopkins of Team Inferno Racing. This was going to be a great weekend of racing.

The first stage was a 5.5 mile Time Trial. The race against the clock was on as TOSHIBA stong man Travieso flexed his muscle, riding to a first stage victory. Mark Hekman rounded out the top 3.

Time Trial, 5.5 miles
1. Frank Travieso, 11:19.001, TOSHIBA-Santo Pro Cycling Team presented by Herbalife
2. Brent Brookwalter, 11:22.009, BMC
3. Mark Hekman, 11:24.000, TOSHIBa-Santo Pro Cycling Team presented by Herbalife

The second stage hosted a half-day of criteriums in downtown Chattanooga. The ProAm field raced for an hour worth of laps. Early on riders would attack, form a break and then be brought back by our boys in red. Finally, Hekman was able to make the final break of the day, but as the team did not like the make-up of the riders in the break, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife got to the front and brought the group of 5 back to the field. With four laps or so to go, the team set-up its train for sprinter Travieso. Coming into the final turns, it was just Hekman and Travieso, with Travieso sitting on Jeff Hopkins wheel. Into the final 300 meters and into a head wind, it was down to Travieso and Hopkins, with Frank coming around Hopkins at the line., notching his second victory of the weekend.

Downtown Chattanooga Criterium

1. Frank Travieso, TOSHIBA-Santo Pro Cycling Team presented by Herbalife
2. Jeff Hopkins, Team Inferno Racing
3. Chris Scott, Locos Cycling

The third and final stage was a 90 mile Road Race on the streets of Chickamauga. The ProAm field would complete 4 laps of the rolling course, with one major climb for KOM points. When the field came through, a break of 5 or 6 riders had a 30 second gap, and no TOSHIBA riders were represented in the break. The break had about a one minute lead at one point, with the TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife team moving to the front of the group to reel the break back in with one lap to go. The field blew a part on the final climb with a break of 12 forming, including Travieso and Hekman. In the gallop to the finish it would be Travieso and Hekman taking 1st and 2nd.

Mountain Cove Road Race, 90 miles
1. Frank Travieso, TOSHIBA-Santo Pro Cycling Team presented by Herbalife
2. Mark Hekman, TOSHIBA-Santo Pro Cycling Team presented by Herbalife
3. Thad Dulin, DLP Racing

Chattanooga-Mountain Cove General Classification
1. Frank Travieso, TOSHIBA-Santo Pro Cycling Team presented by Herbalife
2. Mark Hekman, TOSHIBA-Santo Pro Cycling Team presented by Herbalife

With a strong showing in the past weekend's Georgia Cup, Travieso and the team slotted 4 victories. Next up for the team is the much anticipated 29th Annual Athens Twilight Criterium ( on April 26, and the USA CRITS Speed Week (, as well as the US Air Force Classic in Arlington, VA, the Joe Martin Stage Race and Tri-Peaks, both in Arkansas.

Follow the boys in red and all of their adventures online at

ITS MY 30th (ouch) BIRTHDAY and I am celebrating it by finding out today that I have to replace the transmission in my car...yay. WOW, I don't understand how it can cost as much as the car is worth. Cars Suck.

Monday, April 14, 2008


So, we (Toshiba Team) raced another Georgia Cup this weekend and it couldn't have gone better. Frank won every single stage and the overall...not too shabby. I managed to snag 3rd in the TT and 2nd in the RR for 2nd overall, so it was a Toshiba 1, 2 for the second week in a row. It was really cool to be on a team that works so well together. WE as a team TOTALLY UNSELFISHLY SLAYED ourselves for one cause, to win the race and Frank delivered. It was a super good feeling.
I am currently in Asheville visiting with UH and her pet shelter. It is so nice here and I wish I didn't have to return to reality tomorrow and go to work.
I will have the "official" race report coming soon with some action pics, but I just wanted to post and tell everyone how cool we are...HA!!!

Here is Dan and myself eating a Garlic Pizza after the crit. Each slice had multiple entire cloves on it. It was a good thing we were rooming with each other. All that mouth breathing while we sleep was very enjoyable I am sure.

Other people opted for the Calzones, they were ENORMOUS!!!! Here is Keally (Tommy's Fiance) staring in disbelief at her food.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Thanks Kyle

My friend kyle P sent me this article from The whole article is great and funny. It talks more about oboe, but the bassoon is just as relevant. Here is the excerpt:

From "Death by Oboe" by Jan Swafford.
In the modern world, nothing in music is more tragicomic than the subject of double-reed instruments like the oboe and bassoon. If you're an oboist or bassoonist in a high-school band, you buy ready-made reeds. Otherwise, you make your own from scratch, using expensive aged cane from particular terroirs, preferably in southern France. Cutting and trimming and binding and shaving reeds consumes a good deal of your days, while other musicians are practicing and regular people are having fun or making love. If you play the oboe seriously, much of your free time is spent making reeds, not love. Besides being ridiculously fragile, reeds are also sensitive to humidity, which on a soggy night can turn an orchestral woodwind section into a squawkfest.

A professional oboist will tell you more than you need to know about what constitutes a Mozart reed, a Mahler reed, a Stravinsky reed, and so on. If he plays in a pops orchestra, there's probably a Lennon/McCartney reed. If he wants to show you his reed knife, which is razor sharp, you should keep an eye on the exit. Reed making and the pressure on the brain that comes from blowing into an oboe can do unpredictable things to a person.

Just for the record, bassoon reeds are just as bad as oboe reeds.
I am in Athens GA training for a week and it RULES here. Did 5 hours in the mtns today and it was 75 and sunny...sweet.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Here is the Official Race Report from the official website....

TOSHIBA-Santo Pro Cycling Team presented by HerbalifeDominate the Gainesville Georgia Cup.

The sky’s above Georgia turned gray and began to spit rain as the Gainesville Georgia Cup drew near only to open up with torrential rain the morning of the first of three stages in what would be a race dominated by the TOSHIBA-Santo Pro Cycling Team presented by Herbalife.
Saturday morning found seven TOSHIBA riders layering up with warm clothes, rain jackets, and skin suits! The first stage was a 14km time trial that tested the riders’ ability to stay focused in adverse weather conditions, as well as their ability to stay upright on slippery roads. All the TOSHIBA riders did well with Frank Travieso coming in second place to HealthNet presented by Maxxis rider John Murphy.. Bobby Sweeting, Mark Hekman, Tommy Nankervis, Dan Vaillancourt, Keith Norris and Alex Hagman all put in top ten times making the General Classification wide open for the road race later in the afternoon.
Time Trial, 14 k
1. John Murphy, HealthNet presented by Maxxis, 18:48.7
2. Frank Travieso, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife, 19:07.4
3. Chris Butler, Hincapie-Barkley Devo, 19:25.2
4. Bobby Sweeting, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife, 19:25.5
6. Dan Vaillancourt, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife, 19:50.4
7. Alex Hagman, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife, 19:54.3
10. Mark Hekman, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife, 19:57.8

As the 82 mile, three lap road race began, the rain subsided briefly, though it looked as if the sky’s could open up in a deluge at any moment. Attacks came early and hard from the region’s top teams including, Clinica Union, and Pacesetters Steel. Vaillancourt in his usual style got into the first early move, and it seemed his form was good, building a one minute gap almost instantly with another rider from Pacesetters Steel. For a lap they were together, but Vaillancourt’s form cracked his escapee partner. He was riding solo only to be chased down by Michael Olheiser (Marx and Bensdorf), a former world Time Trial Champion. As soon as Vaillancourt came back to the group, Hagman attacked on the course’s 1.5km hill and was joined at the top by Travieso and Myogenesis rider Chris Klem. They drove hard, but the field was not ready to let another break go up the road, so the third lap began with vicious attacks coming from every angle. Eventually it was Travieso who broke away with five other riders, and the winning move was established. However the course took its toll on all but Travieso and Klem. With 20k to go, Hekman went on the attack and was joined by Hagman. The duo laid down the power and was clear of the field and stayed away while Travieso was going for better GC time driving his duo and finishing second. Hagman and Hekman finished third and fourth respectively, and in the field sprint, Nankervis finished 5th for the day. The day of racing could not have been more dominated by the TOSHIBA riders who are coming into fine form individually and as a team.
Road Race, 82 miles
1. Chris Klem,
2. Frank Travieso, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife
3. Alex Hagman, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife
4. Mark Hekman, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife
5. Tommy Nankervis, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife

The final day hosted a 60 lap criterium around the square in Downtown Gainesville. The course was a fast, 4 corner crit with 2 long straights and 2 very short ones, and there were many time bonuses up for grabs. The TOSHIBA-Santo Pro Cycling Team presented by Herbalife was leading the race after 2 stages and wanted to protect Travieso’s lead. The other teams and racers were going to make it tough on the TOSHIBA team, and the race was going to be very exciting.
The goal of the team for the criterium was to not lose any time to any of the competitors, covering all MAR (most aggressive rider) points, and after that the team would be very happy with the stage win.

The race got off to a very fast start, with the second lap contesting a MAR sprint, and the other teams immediately attacked the TOSHIBA team. The race settled in a bit and Vallincourt put in a huge attack which helped the boys in red get a bit of rest. After Vaillacourt was reeled in, Hekman countered Vaillancourt's move. Hekman stayed off the front for a while and was soon bridged up to by Travieso, Sweeting, and Clinica Union's Oscar Henao, who was the 2007 Overall Georgia Cup Champion. Back in the field, the remaining TOSHIBA boys man-handled the pack, making sure no one was going anywhere. The breakaway ended up lapping the field, and TOSHIBA lined up in the red train, covered Murphy's late race attack,and took the stage win, as they already had the overall locked up when the breakaway lapped. The team did an amazing lead-out, dropping Travieso and Hekman off a couple hundred meters from the finish. It was an amazing weekend of wonderful teamwork, which bodes well for the team as they head into criterium season and the USA CRITS Speed Week and National Series.

Criterium, 60 laps
1. Mark Hekman, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife
2. Oscar Henao, Clinica Union
3. Frank Travieso, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife
4. Bobby Sweeting, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife

1. Frank Travieso, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife
2. Mark Hekman, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife
3. Bobby Sweeting, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife
6. Alex Hagman, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife
8. Dan Vaillancourt, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife

Next up for the team is the Chattanooga Georgia Cup this weekend, the USA CRITS Speed Week (, The Athens Twilight (, and the Tri-Peaks and Joe Martin Stage Races.

Friday, April 04, 2008

A Bunch of Random Stuff

My eyes are bulging out of my head and my legs are tapping annoying up and down as I type this, I feel like my eyeballs are literally going pop out of my skull and smack the computer screen and slowly ooze down. Do you think that my breakfast coupled with a pot of coffee has anything to do with that? Yes that is chocolate milk...I am taking of lesson out of Calvin and Hobbes but I couldn't find any Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs...

Things in North Carolina have been good, it has been quite wet these last couple days and I have been spending extra time at the bicycle shop. My co worker Landon had a run in with a chainring while trying to remove some pedals... ouch. Nothing like greasy chainrings cutting your arm so deep that you can see the bone. YUM...
Jim Baldesare is in town for a couple days and he hooked up my bike fit for me. I am so lucky to have friends that use the Wobblenaught fit system and that are willing to come hang out and set me up. It is always good to have Jimbo down. Here he is showing me how to properly say "oh my goodness" with a lisp. Thanks Jim!!!!
My sugar buzz is amazing right now, I feel so productive but I can't seem to concentrate on anything at all. I have a ton of stuff to do to. I am packing up today and heading to Athens GA for some biking. There is a GA cup there this weekend and then I am hanging out for a week with my Toshiba teammates and then doing another GA cup. I am excited to do some racing with the team here in the states. The guys are cool so it will be a fun little block of training and racing.
Since I don't have a laptop, I can't guarantee any postings, but i will try my best. I just came down off my high and now I need to take a nap....

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


So here is my big announcement: Aliza and I went to Gatlinburg yesterday and got MARRIED!!!! It was awesome, it was just us in essentially a drive thru wedding chapel. I am so excited I can't even begin to contain myself. I know that this is probably no suprise to people who know us, but we just felt like being spontaneous. HA!! CRAZY EH?
Anyway we are both really happy and want everyone to know we are going to have the mother of all parties soon. So stay tuned...