Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Catching up

Catching up
Vuelta Mexico is rolling along. We have done three stages so far and
raced 660k in three days. It has been hard and fast. Yesterday was the
longest stage and I was set up awesome for the sprint only to flat
with 1 k to go. It was pouring and the run into town was all downhill.
It could have been the scariest experience of my life. There were
crashes everywhere with guys sliding on the pavement for forever
before they stopped. We all survived unscathed.
Today is a short circuit race in the town of Guadalajara and then the
climbing starts tom. Hopefully the rain will stop one of these days.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Vuelta Mexico stage 1

Vuelta Mexico stage 1
Our day was crazy!! It started with Dan getting stung by a scorpian
when he went to put his shoes on this morning. He survived thank
goodness but it was scary!!!!
Then Procick crashed so hard and had to get in the ambulance and
abandon the race with a couple broken ribs. Yuck.
There were probablly 8 nasty crashes today over the 200k. We did the
stage in 4 hours thanks to a mild tailwind and the saunier duval team
(now Scott American Beef) setting an insane tempo. It was so fast and
my 54 x 11 was not even close to big enough. I guess I could spin more.
Anyway a group of 5 got away from the gun and stayed away by 30
seconds. I was mixing up the field sprint but got caught behind
another crash. So most of us survived although I got my front wheel
caught in a vertical sewer grate on the way to the hotel and it sank
down to the hub and I went over the bars. Thank goodness I was going
I Love the insanity of racing here. It is almost comical. The race is
good as we have good hotels and good food for us.
Tomorrow starts with a 20k climb right away. Hopefully I will make it
over otherwise it will be a long day as it is another 200k stage.

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Guess what I am up to?

I am going to Mexico, and no they don't have snacks there so I am coming prepared this time.
The race is Vuelta Mexico and it is a pretty serious race. Here is the website. I am hoping to post reports kind of frequently but don't get your hopes too high.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's September already

and almost time for cross.
Aliza and I are coming up to the homeland this weekend. There is a
couple of good crits up there and we are looking forward to a cool
little road trip.
The race is Saturday downtown GR at 3pm so if you are around, come
watch and then it will be party time after.