Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I have new tenants

So I decided to rent out space in my mobile home aka my 92 camry with 220k on it.
I got the idea when I took the trash out of my garage after it had been there about a week and put it in my trunk. I then drove the garbage to work where there is a dumpster. I removed the trashbag from my trunk and noticed there was a hole in it. I then noticed this mouse running rampantly around my trunk. I then noticed another one and another one. Sweet.
So how do you get mice out of ones car? I am not sure. The first course of action was to leave the trunk and all the doors open for two days. That didn't seem to work. I then drove my car into the garage shut the door and opened the car windows and let the car run for a couple hours. I guess i didn't leave it running long enough because I saw one as I was getting in to turn the car off. So I had to go one the offensive in a major way. I lined the entire car with glue traps, I mean I LINED the entire car. There was no place in that car that didn't have a glue trap on it--LITERALLY!! Yeah I got em all--I think. I haven't seen any and my star crunches are still intact. WHEW
A lot has been going on. I went to vegas for the first time for interbike a few weeks ago. That was fun and I actually had money for gas on the way home--barely.
Last week I went down and crewed for Mark Hendershot at the Solo 24 MTB World Championships. He did AWESOME 4th place baby. That was an experience in itself.
Other than that I get my big cast off in one week and then get a small wrist cast for one more month. I have been jogging lately and it sucks. The best part of it is when I am done the sweat drips out of my cast slowly for the next 4 hours and it smells very pleasant.
Check out the latest ROAD mag. I hear there is a really good looking dude in some ad.