Monday, August 25, 2008


I am home!!! I have been gone since the beginning of August and it feels really good to be back in North Cackalacky.
Chris Thater was good, I made the winning break but took the last corner way to fast and had to grab way to much brake and lost all my momentum and that was all she wrote. I ended up sixth.
I was on the road this road trip with Frank and Yosvany. We had a ton of fun and even mangaged to take a romantic roadtrip to Niagara Falls. They had never been there and they were really impressed at looking at water.

I am home this week and then going to South Carolina for the USPRO road race on sunday, then to Atlanta for 10k Classic, then I go to MI for the Priority Health Classic.
I love driving...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

This is how we roll.

Had to fix the van ourselves before heading out for thater. Didnt even have time to change out of chamios!
USA CRIT race tom in Binghamton NY should be fun. I used to do this race when i went to Ithaca college so it is good to come back and do it. I dont think anyone will recognize me now as i used to have A TON more hair.

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This is what I looked like the last time I did Chris Thater

Monday, August 18, 2008

Bahati is one quick dude.

Here is Frank killing it for me.

Oh yeah, 90 mm rims rock!!

Better than last year.

Better than last year.
This past weekend was the US Professional criterium championships in
Downers Grove IL. I have never done the pro race before and the
amateur race was where I broke my heel last year.
It was a surreal experience doing this race as I have watched it for
years and years and always dreamed of doing it.
The toshiba team consisted of frank, Yosvany, and myself. We were a
little outnumbered as many teams had as many as 9 guys. Frank and Yos
absolutely slayed themselves for me and I managed to get on the podium
for 3rd place!! It was awweeesome!!!
We are now driving back to MI for a few days before heading out to
Binghamton NY for a USA Crit race on Sunday.
I know the posts have been a bit sparce and I will try to be better
but don't count on it.

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Rochester TT

If only I was 4 seconds faster in the TT, I would have moved up like 4 spots. Shouldn't have shown all my sweet moves at the wedding...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

catching up

Wow, it has been a while since I posted. I am not quite sure what I have been doing but I feel like I have been really really busy.
After Venezuela I was home for 2 days before departing for Las Vegas. I went to Vegas with UH for her brother, Taylor's, wedding. It was SO much fun there and I enjoyed getting to know her extended family and got some quality clubbing and pool time in as well. I left my bicycle at home, which felt good. I did get some good exercise in by dancing like a white boy from MI and we also went for a hike in red rock canyon.
I was in Vegas for 4 days and was home for only 18 hours before I was racing again. Last week was a week of criterium racing down here called the Crossroads Classic. I raced 5 crits in 6 days and it was a riot. It was a good week and I felt incredibly fresh all week. Must have been all the Red Bull and Vodkas in Vegas. Anyway in 5 races I went 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 4th, and 8th. In that order!!! It was a steady downward progression!! HA! In my defense the races got a touch harder as the week went on.
Now I am in Winston-Salem hanging out with my two cuban teammates. We leave on thursday for Rochester NY for a 3 day race there this weekend. From Rochester we are going to Grand Rapids to hang out until Downers Grove, and then going back to MI until we drive back to NY the following weekend. So Mom and Dad if you are reading this can you put up my whole team for 2 weeks? HA!!! (they know already stop your "tsk tsk" ing).
Here is something I discovered. Life Lesson #1:
If you wait long enough to do something, someone else will do it for you. Case in point. I LOVE coffee and so does my good friend Jim B. I don't have a coffee grinder and Jim comes to visit a lot, he finally got so fed up with me not having one that he got me one just for when he comes to visit. Thanks Jim.

Procrastination Works!!!

Life Lesson #2 Here is what Optygen is good for:

Now that I found out I can still type, maybe I will post more frequently...