Monday, May 03, 2010

This is the tshirt that our hosts gave Joey.

He is so proud of it.
Tour of the Gila is a hard bike race. It's not any easier when you
have a horrible cold and cough which is what was going on with me. I
thought it was just the elevation at first but then I got worse
everyday. Ugh. I called it quits before the gila monster stage hoping
to recover by Thursday when Joe Martin starts.
The Gila is in this town called Silver City in New Mexico Whig is
essentially an abandoned mining town. It's pretty interesting and
desolate there. Our hosts were awesome and they set us up in a trailer
that someone had died in the previous week. No kidding. Never a dull
moment on the road. They were super gracious and it did work out quite
We are driving to Arkansas right now. We should be there sometime