Saturday, May 31, 2008

Carb loading

I am in the van on my way to csc right now. I brought these for lunch and am on a nasty sugar high right now and going stir crazy.
I am traveling with bobby and andrew today so there is english being spoken. Ha!
This trip is exciting. It turns out that i am hanging out for another week after philly for a crit in Harlem. So i am super stoked to spend some time out on the east coast again.
I will try to be good and update moderately frequently but no promises.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So....... Aliza and I are engaged!!!! For REAL this time, no joking around. I pulled out all the stops and gave her a really good sales pitch and she said YES!!!!! HA!! So we are super excited about everything now I am finding out that planning for a wedding begins IMMEDIATELY upon being engaged.

In cycling news, I have been training my behind off trying to get some endurance going for Philly week, all these criteriums are fun and fast but they don't really prep you for a 150 mile circuit race. I have been hanging out in Asheville for the last week training in the mountains. Last saturday I did a long ride, long enough to go through the entire box of these and still bonk to the point where I was tearing up when I walked through the door, don't know whether I was crying from joy of being home or from artificial raspberry overdose...Either way it was weird and embarrasing...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hard at work at the bike shop

My job is so stressful...

I have been home from the Joe Martin Stage race for a week now and I am just recovering from the drive home. We raced until 4pm and then I drove Carlos back to Athens GA and then drove myself home to Winston...a meer 18 hour drive. I did it straight and proceded to feel cracked out for a week. I must be getting old.
Joe Martin went well, the only way to make up time is in the the TT which is uphill, so the race is practically over after the first stage. It is a wonderful race and AK is really beautiful.

I am home and have been home doing some last minute training for Philly week coming up the first week of June. I am so excited to be able to do these races as they are "Pro" only. I have always dreamed of doing these and now it is really cool to be able to.

Not much else is going on, I am going to asheville for memorial day with UH, who just graduated!!! congrats to her and all her PA friends... I am super excited to just hang out and train in the mountains for the weekend.

Have a good and safe holiday weekend.

Friday, May 09, 2008

much anticipated

If you were holding your breath for a report on USA Crits it is, along with a podium shot. Apparently the canadians were the only ones to write a story...
USA Crits Speedweek Final Report - Canada's Langlois 2nd in Final Race

Hekman, Pic Win Overall - Canada's Trew 10th
release by USA Crits
May 6, 2008 (Atlanta, Ga.) - The final installment of the 2008 USA Crits SpeedWeek series became a race within a race on Sunday, May 4. With a long-standing breakaway out in front of the field for most of the 55 laps that made up the inaugural Global Imports BMW Sandy Springs Cycling Challenge, the race for the overall Speed Week title was being watchfully contested in the pack. The numbers and sheer power of Mark Hekman's TOSHIBA-Santo's teammates, however, simply outgunned Jake Keough's CRCA/Sakonnet Technology squad, which broke the first place series tie between the two and delivered Hekman the overall victory for the week.

"Since we ended up being tied before the start," a breathless Hekman said at the finish,"all I had to do today was watch him and beat him over the line, so it was pretty exciting. Coming in the last corner, I jumped on the inside of him, got a big gap, and then just powered up this hill."

A large crowd lined a hilly course in Sandy Springs to eventually watch Hekman's triumph, but not before they got to cheer on a seven-man breakaway roll away from the main group early on in the race. That split comprised Christian Helmig (Metro Volkswagen), Michael Stoop (TIME), Bennet Van Der Genugten (Team Inferno Racing), Bruno Langlois (, Paul Martin (Texas Roadhouse), Rob White (ABD/GEARGRINDER) and eventual race winner Peter Dawson (Rock Racing). With two teammates supporting him in the field, including 2008 Athens Twilight Criterium champion Rahsaan Bahati, Dawson and the rest of his companions in the escape took turns at pulling their lead farther and farther away from the pack behind them.

"We had seven guys up there and, for the first amount of time that we were away, we all chopped off very hard." Dawson said afterwards. "They were taking some pretty hard turns and managed to keep it out there."

As the race for the win wound down, Dawson began to contribute less to the group's effort and storing up the energy he needed to win the final sprint.

"I played it pretty foxy in the end," said Dawson, fairly competent of his turn of speed, having been a multiple world team pursuit champion on the track. "I really had nothing left and, if they attacked me, I probably would have got dropped. But I managed to pull out on the right-hand side when they all fanned out across the course, and ran out of gas in front of me."

Joe Martin is going good...Stage 3 tomorrow, a 90 mile ride at 8am

Thursday, May 08, 2008

At Joe Martin

We are currently in beautiful Arkansas partaking in the Joe Martin Stage Race. We are staying in host housing which is really awesome especially when they have a coffee maker like this...

Things are going good, I feel good. Got sick after Speed Week, but am feeling better every day. I always enjoy doing this race and this year we have a really strong team so I am hoping we will pull out some sort of result.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Things picked up...

since twilight as we ended up winning the USA CRIT SPEEDWEEK. 2 years in a row!!! It was a tough week for us as our #1 guy Frank sprained his wrist, and then keith hurt his knee, and then Bobby broke a rib, and alex crashed bad leading the whole field out...Anyway I was able to be consistent for the whole week and the team totally sacrificed themselves so I could take the win!!!!
Full report coming soon...