Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I got assaulted today

with a hotdog and then a 32oz Dr. Pepper.
I was riding home from work today and someone threw a hotdog at me and followed it up the finger and a nasty grin. I brushed it off as no big deal as my emo music was making me feel calm and sensitive. 3 miles later however some other carful of kids threw a FULL 32oz Dr. Pepper at me and it hit me on the shoulder, they didn't have their timing right as they had to stop at a light right away; I was enraged this time and ripped out my frame pump and held it above my head as I was screaming at them, unfortunately for me I forgot I was riding a fixed gear and as I was holding that pump so high I forgot to pedal and was bucked off my bike only to chest plant the handlebars and fall over sideways as everyone was looking. I am okay and it was a spectacle to say the least.

So I would like to thank all the faithful commentors on my blog as I was thoroughly entertained by them.

I have been up to a number of things.
Here are a couple of things that have happened since I last posted.

I survived Mexico, barely. That was the fastest and hardest race I have ever done and I am glad that I did it.

I went to Vegas where the Toshiba Santo team protected Yosvany's lead in the USA CRIT series and helped him win the Overall. We also managed to win the Team Overall and I won the Laps Led Comp. It was a succesful series for us. Vegas also marked the official end of my season and the first season that wasn't ended by an injury.

I signed a contract for next year with the team formerly known as Time Pro Cycling and will now be known as Premier Sports Partnership. I am really excited to race for this team and with these guys.

After vegas Aliza and I got tattoos, a new couch and a labradoodle all in 3 days. Our dog is awesome and his name is Burger.

Our cat, Bugs, destroyed Burgers eye the first night we had him so he had to wear this collar for a week.

My sister and family came to visit for the weekend. We had an awesome time and it was so much fun having people come visit.

I went for a hike with Aliza and this guy which was supposed to be an hour and a half but ended up being 5. I did realize that my skin is lighter than white.

Other than that I have been doing a little bit of cross, working full time at Paceline and finding what kinds of foods taste good with Ranch dressing...oh yeah and eating these:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Catching up

Catching up
Vuelta Mexico is rolling along. We have done three stages so far and
raced 660k in three days. It has been hard and fast. Yesterday was the
longest stage and I was set up awesome for the sprint only to flat
with 1 k to go. It was pouring and the run into town was all downhill.
It could have been the scariest experience of my life. There were
crashes everywhere with guys sliding on the pavement for forever
before they stopped. We all survived unscathed.
Today is a short circuit race in the town of Guadalajara and then the
climbing starts tom. Hopefully the rain will stop one of these days.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Vuelta Mexico stage 1

Vuelta Mexico stage 1
Our day was crazy!! It started with Dan getting stung by a scorpian
when he went to put his shoes on this morning. He survived thank
goodness but it was scary!!!!
Then Procick crashed so hard and had to get in the ambulance and
abandon the race with a couple broken ribs. Yuck.
There were probablly 8 nasty crashes today over the 200k. We did the
stage in 4 hours thanks to a mild tailwind and the saunier duval team
(now Scott American Beef) setting an insane tempo. It was so fast and
my 54 x 11 was not even close to big enough. I guess I could spin more.
Anyway a group of 5 got away from the gun and stayed away by 30
seconds. I was mixing up the field sprint but got caught behind
another crash. So most of us survived although I got my front wheel
caught in a vertical sewer grate on the way to the hotel and it sank
down to the hub and I went over the bars. Thank goodness I was going
I Love the insanity of racing here. It is almost comical. The race is
good as we have good hotels and good food for us.
Tomorrow starts with a 20k climb right away. Hopefully I will make it
over otherwise it will be a long day as it is another 200k stage.

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Guess what I am up to?

I am going to Mexico, and no they don't have snacks there so I am coming prepared this time.
The race is Vuelta Mexico and it is a pretty serious race. Here is the website. I am hoping to post reports kind of frequently but don't get your hopes too high.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's September already

and almost time for cross.
Aliza and I are coming up to the homeland this weekend. There is a
couple of good crits up there and we are looking forward to a cool
little road trip.
The race is Saturday downtown GR at 3pm so if you are around, come
watch and then it will be party time after.

Monday, August 25, 2008


I am home!!! I have been gone since the beginning of August and it feels really good to be back in North Cackalacky.
Chris Thater was good, I made the winning break but took the last corner way to fast and had to grab way to much brake and lost all my momentum and that was all she wrote. I ended up sixth.
I was on the road this road trip with Frank and Yosvany. We had a ton of fun and even mangaged to take a romantic roadtrip to Niagara Falls. They had never been there and they were really impressed at looking at water.

I am home this week and then going to South Carolina for the USPRO road race on sunday, then to Atlanta for 10k Classic, then I go to MI for the Priority Health Classic.
I love driving...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

This is how we roll.

Had to fix the van ourselves before heading out for thater. Didnt even have time to change out of chamios!
USA CRIT race tom in Binghamton NY should be fun. I used to do this race when i went to Ithaca college so it is good to come back and do it. I dont think anyone will recognize me now as i used to have A TON more hair.

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This is what I looked like the last time I did Chris Thater

Monday, August 18, 2008

Bahati is one quick dude.

Here is Frank killing it for me.

Oh yeah, 90 mm rims rock!!

Better than last year.

Better than last year.
This past weekend was the US Professional criterium championships in
Downers Grove IL. I have never done the pro race before and the
amateur race was where I broke my heel last year.
It was a surreal experience doing this race as I have watched it for
years and years and always dreamed of doing it.
The toshiba team consisted of frank, Yosvany, and myself. We were a
little outnumbered as many teams had as many as 9 guys. Frank and Yos
absolutely slayed themselves for me and I managed to get on the podium
for 3rd place!! It was awweeesome!!!
We are now driving back to MI for a few days before heading out to
Binghamton NY for a USA Crit race on Sunday.
I know the posts have been a bit sparce and I will try to be better
but don't count on it.

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Rochester TT

If only I was 4 seconds faster in the TT, I would have moved up like 4 spots. Shouldn't have shown all my sweet moves at the wedding...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

catching up

Wow, it has been a while since I posted. I am not quite sure what I have been doing but I feel like I have been really really busy.
After Venezuela I was home for 2 days before departing for Las Vegas. I went to Vegas with UH for her brother, Taylor's, wedding. It was SO much fun there and I enjoyed getting to know her extended family and got some quality clubbing and pool time in as well. I left my bicycle at home, which felt good. I did get some good exercise in by dancing like a white boy from MI and we also went for a hike in red rock canyon.
I was in Vegas for 4 days and was home for only 18 hours before I was racing again. Last week was a week of criterium racing down here called the Crossroads Classic. I raced 5 crits in 6 days and it was a riot. It was a good week and I felt incredibly fresh all week. Must have been all the Red Bull and Vodkas in Vegas. Anyway in 5 races I went 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 4th, and 8th. In that order!!! It was a steady downward progression!! HA! In my defense the races got a touch harder as the week went on.
Now I am in Winston-Salem hanging out with my two cuban teammates. We leave on thursday for Rochester NY for a 3 day race there this weekend. From Rochester we are going to Grand Rapids to hang out until Downers Grove, and then going back to MI until we drive back to NY the following weekend. So Mom and Dad if you are reading this can you put up my whole team for 2 weeks? HA!!! (they know already stop your "tsk tsk" ing).
Here is something I discovered. Life Lesson #1:
If you wait long enough to do something, someone else will do it for you. Case in point. I LOVE coffee and so does my good friend Jim B. I don't have a coffee grinder and Jim comes to visit a lot, he finally got so fed up with me not having one that he got me one just for when he comes to visit. Thanks Jim.

Procrastination Works!!!

Life Lesson #2 Here is what Optygen is good for:

Now that I found out I can still type, maybe I will post more frequently...

Monday, July 21, 2008


almost loves us. Frank missed the win by 2 mm. It was so so close.
We had a great race. Frank was 2nd, Yosvany was 5th, I won the mid
race prime, and we got third in the team comp.
Well worth the trip. Although I am starting my 5th 12+ hour trip in 8

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almost loves us. Frank missed the win by 2 mm. It was so so close.
We had a great race. Frank was 2nd, Yosvany was 5th, I won the mid
race prime, and we got third in the team comp.
Well worth the trip. Although I am starting my 5th 12+ hour trip in 8

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Vancouver is...

Vancouver is...
Awesome and the self proclaimed 'weed' Capitol of the world. At least
that is what a spectator was telling me as he blew smoke in my face
and explained why we kept racing through clouds of it on the course.
The Tour de Gastown is a tough course that has only three corners and
a tough false flat straightaway. The field started with 152 racers and
by the end there were only 35 finishers.
The race was 60k of attacks followed by more attacks followed by svein
tuft going away solo only to be caught on the last lap. The bunch
sprint was a little crazy and we squeezed out 7th and 8th. There was a
little miscommunication towards the end as we all couldn't find each
other to get organized. Anyway symetrics ended up winning. It was a
super fast race and def worth all the travel. The crowd was amazing
and it was so much fun checking out Vancouver. It is probably the
coolest city I have been to yet.

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Monday, July 14, 2008


to Vancouver for Tour de Gastown which is a USA CRIT race in Canada...I guess it shouldn't be called USA anymore as we are going to Canada...
The race is on Wed and I get back to Winston Thursday only to drive to Atlanta to fly to Venuzuela for a one day race there on Sunday, and then I am home for a few days and then off to VEGAS for Aliza brothers wedding...
I am sure I will have interesting stories to share during these next few weeks.

Monday, July 07, 2008


So Iron Hill came and went and it feels like a dream. Maybe it was the 7 super high gravity beers from Iron Hill right after the race and then getting in the car and driving (actually riding until I sobered up) straight to MI. We (uh and I) did sleep in a rest area for a while until someone parked RIGHT next to us, literally. There was a totally empty parking lot and they had to park right next to us, so we left then. We got here yesterday afternoon, just in time for back to back family reunions. We were tired but it feels good to be back up here hanging out with Yankees.

The race was sweet. The course there is my dream course. Super tight corners and half of the course was up hill. You could make up so much time in the corners and that is what I did. I followed people bridgeing up to a move that frank was in and everyone stopped pedaling and I just took off. Since I was alone, at first I was just going to hang out and soak up as many primes as I could. Each lap i would hammer the hill, recover on the downhill and take the corners as fast as I could. Thankfully I had 3 other teamates in the field slowing things down, so I managed to take a lap with 20 to go and stayed upright for the win.
Everyone was a stud today, Frank took off with 15 to go and stayed clear for 3rd and Parra took 6th and Yosvany took 9th. All four of us got in the top ten.

My life is so glamorous, since we were leaving after the race we didn't have a place to hang beforehand. I forgot to shave and had to do it in the parking lot of a Gas Staion.

Brian, who hosted us before Harlem was helping out and enjoyed some beers with us. Here he is now with Yosvany who is now leading the series..

I love races that are sponsored by beer...

Important Note: Frank wore a skinsuit, and a long sleeved one at that...Just had to go on record and say that.

Here is the Velonews article...

Monday, June 30, 2008

Coming home

Coming home
So Vuelta Puebla is finished and we are at the airport eager for some
tap water.
The final stage was anti climatic as a breakaway went but with no gc
people in it. Andrew was a stud as he made the break and got fourth on
the day.
Alex was third overall and 2nd in the kom. Dan was 8th and I was 18th
and 2nd in the sprints and 3rd in the kom. All in all it was a great
week and it was fun to finally 'make it rain' especially with only
four guys.
I am looking forward to going back to nc for a few days before I head
up to the 'Iron Hill' crit in west Chester PA and then I am going to
be in MI for a while. Uh and I will be up there for a week. I am
already dreaming about founders beer...

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stage 5: gringos win in Puebla!

Stage 5: gringos win in Puebla!
We went 1 2 today!!!!!!!! It was awesome. Dan Vaillancourt attacked
out of our break with 3 k to go and stayed clear to win!!! It was so
cool. I took the sprint for second and a toshiba 1 2!!!
Today race was the longest day yet. It was 150k with 3 sprints and 2
koms. The plan was for me to make the early break and soak up all the
points. I made the break which went from the gun and then dan bridged
with a couple other guys about 10k later. We were able to sit on the
break and take the points all day because we were protecting alexs
lead. I sprinted for all the sprints and the koms. Unfortunately a guy
in the break took the lead in the kom, putting alex in second but my
efforts netted me third and it pays three deep! The kom comp is over
and 2nd and 3rd is way more money than first although it would have
been nice to get alex that jersey.
Anyway the break stuck and after 147k of being up the road, dan put in
an amazing attack and took it all the way home. It was the coolest
thing ever. Go dan!!!
So as it sits now alex is in third and dan moved up to eighth and I am
eighteenth and second in the sprint comp by one point. Tom is a
circuit in downtown Puebla so it should be a battle to the end with
the sprints.

I have to say congrats to my homeys Marco and Tara who are getting
married today!!!! Wish I was there. Congrats!

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Friday, June 27, 2008

stage 3 and 4

I am currently in THE seediest internet cafe in some random city in mexico and it is awesome. This trip is going quite well so far and the cities we are in are all small little villages in the mountains and the weather here is awesome, its not humid and in the 70s all the time. It is great.
Stage 3 was super flat, I got some sprint points in the first sprint, but then a break rolled off and took the remaining points and so now i am in 3rd. Alex is still in 3rd overall and leading the KOMs and that is the priority so everything is good still.
Today was stage 4 and it was short. We raced 35 miles up a mountain and then descended for 35 miles. There were only 32 finishers in the front group today, but Alex, Dan, and Myself were all in there. A break rolled early and we almost caught them in the finishing straight. I ended up sixth on the day. Alex is still leading the KOM and is still in 3rd overall. We just have one more really hard day tomorrow and then sunday in a circuit. Everyones spririts are high and we are having a great time here.
The food and beer are super cheap here, but the gas is crazy expensive. It is 4usd a liter!! Crazy.
I am going to wash my hands now...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stage 2 Zataclan to some city at the top of a huge mtn. 110k with only 13k in climbing.

Stage 2 Zataclan to some city at the top of a huge mtn. 110k with only
13k in climbing.
Todays stage was one of the more epic rides I have ever done in my
life. The climbing was out of control. I have never come close to
doing climbs that long or as steep. The descents were the scariest
experience too. I can't tell if it was the tiny mexicans getting speed
wobbles at 50 mph or the speed bumps in the apex of hairpin turns or
the wild horses charging at the pack or the landslides or the other
tiny mexicans not cornering right and launching over the edge or the
dude hitting a huge pot hole and snapping his carbon bars at Mach 4 or
the sections of pavement missing or the Moto crashing in the corner.
Either way it was a frightening day and ridiculously hard and I loved
it!!! It is so pretty riding here in the mountains. We climbed above
9000 ft twice today.
As far as the race goes, alex ripped it today big time. He got 3rd on
the day and is now leading the kom. Tecos went 1 2 and is now firmly
in the overall lead.
I faired well for my size and came in around 25th I got shelled
about halfway and just rode my own pace and caught some people near
the finish.
Rumor has it that tomorrow is flat...thank goodness.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stage 1 Puebla to Zacatlan 140 k

Stage 1 Puebla to Zacatlan 140 k
Todays stage was sweet. It had 4 hot spot sprints and 1 kom. The route
was pretty rolly with a big climb at about 40 k in. The field
shattered on the climb and there were 20 people left in the front
group. We had 3 of us in there. It was me, dan, and alex and 5 tecos.
I managed to snag 2 be in a couple of the hot spots and alex got 2 nd
on the kom. The finish was a little hairy and I got 4th. I was hoping
for a little better but I will take it. The team worked so great today
and we now have 3 of us in the top 20 and 21st is about 6 minutes down.
Alex and I both got to go on the podium where they gave us these
framed pictures. It was pretty neat. This town we are in is a tiny
village tucked away in the mountains.
Everything is going sweet except poor gus hasn't left the bathroom in
about 3 hours. Ha! I think I might have just jinxed myself by writing
Tomorrow is crazy hard with 2 20k climbs and then a 5k climb to the
finish all at elevation too. This is a bit different than crit racing
in the states but I am having a blast!

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Monday, June 23, 2008


I was super excited for today prologue as it was only 3 k and I
assumed it was flat. We rode our bikes to the course and we went down
this huge hill for a long time and in my head I was thinking uh oh,
this might be an uphill tt. Indeed it was. 3 k of climbing at 7000 ft
was def interesting. I totally started out way to fast and blew up and
held on for dear life. It was Miserable!!!
Anyway it was good enough for 3rd place! Ha!!! I was 8 seconds off the
lead. Hopefully this bodes well for our team for the rest of the week.
The gringo toshiba team is having a ton of fun, now if only we spoke
any Spanish...


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In Mexico.

In Mexico.
I flew into Mexico City today with gus and andrew. It was a fine
flight and Delta only charges $150 for bikes now. Crazy!
We are now on a five hour bus ride to the city where the race starts
tom. I have no idea where it is but i will let you know when I find
out. (I just follow the heard)
Mexico City is enormous! Like really really big.
So far so good and I am sure I will have some stuff to tell tom. The
race starts tom with a 3 k prologue.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Going to MEXICO!!!!

I am typing this as I watch back to back to back to back to back episodes of "whose wedding is it anyway?" The DVR is completely filled with wedding shows...

So not much has been going on. Harlem Rocks was a very sweet race and we raced awesome the entire race until we got boxed into the barriers on the last lap and had to practically stop. It sucks to race perfect for 99.99% of the race and then one wrong line in one corner costs you the results. The good news is that the legs are good and the team raced awesome together.
The finish in Harlem was spectacular as there were 3 crashes in the straightaway and the winner crashes after he wins. Here is the video of it. Major props have to go out to the Time Team for getting a big win in dramatic fashion.
I am flying to Mexico on sunday for Vuelta Puebla, a 7 day stage race with a ton of climbing. I am super excited to go see mexico, but I have a feeling it won't be like going to Cabo--I actually only know what Cabo is like because of watching "Laguna Beach" when they go there on their spring break. So the people going from Toshiba are Dan, Alex, Bobby, Myself, Andrew, and Winston...none of us speak much spanish. It is funny because I went to Joe Martin and I was the only one on the team that spoke english and none of the spanish speakers are going to mexico...
I hope that I will be able to update while I am there...Does Mexico have the Internet?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

making up for not calling

I would like to wish my parents a happy 40th wedding anniversary. 40 years may seem like a long time but when 30 of them are spent hanging out with me, I am sure the years just flew by.
I would have called but yesterday was super busy. I woke up, texted, ate, texted, rode, texted while riding, ate, napped, texted, ate, texted, ate, went to a gay club with frank and yosvany, drank, texted, talked on the phone, and went to bed. So mom and dad, I so sincerely apologize for not calling.
Happy belated anniversary.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How does this thing work?

So Philly came and went. It was really really hot and really fast and really hard. I was on bottle duty for most of the day and came off the last time up manyuck. Yosvany was a rock star and got 9th. He is going really so good right now.
We are now hanging out in newtown pa until Sunday when we race round 3 of the USA crits series in Harlem. Newtown is awesome as there is a ton of amazing riding around here. Our host is Brian and he is a home brewer so we are in good hands.
I am looking forward to some food old fashioned criterium racing which will be a welcome change from these epic road races.
Gotta go figure this grilling thing out now...

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Paco stole my shorts

Its going to be so hot tomorrow. High of 96 with high humidity. Should be interesting...

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Friday, June 06, 2008

Thursday, June 05, 2008

the worst feeling in the world...

Is eating a gel and somehow coughing and breathing in to deep and getting the cola flavored gel into your sinuses and come oozing out of your nose. It sucks... Trust me.
Reading was today and it was pretty tough. I made it til the last time up the hill and then I popped. It was such a sweet course and the racing here is so so fast. It is so cool to be here and i am just soaking it all in.
we are staying at a youth hostel in downtown philly now. It I'd really cool and I will post pictures soon.
I have to say congrats to uhlyza who passed her boards today! She is now OFFICIALLY a PA.
Time to go celebrate bobbys 21st birthday now. This is a tough life...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Senior games

I woke up this morning and was walking to the coffee shop and stumbled across this going on. Its was the senior games home run derby. They had an ambulance and everything on site just in case the excitement was too much to handle.
Yesterdays race was awesome and way way way fast and tough. It is so cool racing against pro tour teams and all the domestic hitters.
The race was 12 laps on a 7 mile course with 3 small climbs each lap. I felt alright and survived although i was just pack fill all day. It is kind of hard to do anything when the pace is mach 8 for 3 hours straight.
I am hoping tomorrow doesn't feel as fast but i have an inkling that is not going to be the case especially since there is a 1 mile climb on each of the last 3 laps. Should be interesting...
I am going to practice my batting now so i can whoop the other seniors when i get that old.

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Csc report

Csc might be my new favorite race. This years race had the most stacked field that i have ever raced against in my life and this whole week is going to be like that.
The race was fast from the gun and within 12 laps, (each lap was 1k) a group of 12 got away. We missed that move and they ended up lapping. It was frustrating to miss that and it just shows that you have to be on your toes at all times.
After they lapped the attacks started again. I got in a move with 3 others with 25 to go (yes we were racing hard for 13th) and after a few laps it was just 2 of us and then there was a ksyrium wheel prime. I won the wheels and i think watching forest gump the night before was wearing off on me because i just kept on going and going and was by myself for the last 10 laps only to be caught inside the final lap and get last! Ha!
We are staying in lancaster pa now for a few days. Our hosts are awesome and this city is so peaceful.Next race is tuesday in allentown pa.

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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Carb loading

I am in the van on my way to csc right now. I brought these for lunch and am on a nasty sugar high right now and going stir crazy.
I am traveling with bobby and andrew today so there is english being spoken. Ha!
This trip is exciting. It turns out that i am hanging out for another week after philly for a crit in Harlem. So i am super stoked to spend some time out on the east coast again.
I will try to be good and update moderately frequently but no promises.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So....... Aliza and I are engaged!!!! For REAL this time, no joking around. I pulled out all the stops and gave her a really good sales pitch and she said YES!!!!! HA!! So we are super excited about everything now I am finding out that planning for a wedding begins IMMEDIATELY upon being engaged.

In cycling news, I have been training my behind off trying to get some endurance going for Philly week, all these criteriums are fun and fast but they don't really prep you for a 150 mile circuit race. I have been hanging out in Asheville for the last week training in the mountains. Last saturday I did a long ride, long enough to go through the entire box of these and still bonk to the point where I was tearing up when I walked through the door, don't know whether I was crying from joy of being home or from artificial raspberry overdose...Either way it was weird and embarrasing...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hard at work at the bike shop

My job is so stressful...

I have been home from the Joe Martin Stage race for a week now and I am just recovering from the drive home. We raced until 4pm and then I drove Carlos back to Athens GA and then drove myself home to Winston...a meer 18 hour drive. I did it straight and proceded to feel cracked out for a week. I must be getting old.
Joe Martin went well, the only way to make up time is in the the TT which is uphill, so the race is practically over after the first stage. It is a wonderful race and AK is really beautiful.

I am home and have been home doing some last minute training for Philly week coming up the first week of June. I am so excited to be able to do these races as they are "Pro" only. I have always dreamed of doing these and now it is really cool to be able to.

Not much else is going on, I am going to asheville for memorial day with UH, who just graduated!!! congrats to her and all her PA friends... I am super excited to just hang out and train in the mountains for the weekend.

Have a good and safe holiday weekend.

Friday, May 09, 2008

much anticipated

If you were holding your breath for a report on USA Crits SPEEDWEEK...here it is, along with a podium shot. Apparently the canadians were the only ones to write a story...
USA Crits Speedweek Final Report - Canada's Langlois 2nd in Final Race

Hekman, Pic Win Overall - Canada's Trew 10th
release by USA Crits
May 6, 2008 (Atlanta, Ga.) - The final installment of the 2008 USA Crits SpeedWeek series became a race within a race on Sunday, May 4. With a long-standing breakaway out in front of the field for most of the 55 laps that made up the inaugural Global Imports BMW Sandy Springs Cycling Challenge, the race for the overall Speed Week title was being watchfully contested in the pack. The numbers and sheer power of Mark Hekman's TOSHIBA-Santo's teammates, however, simply outgunned Jake Keough's CRCA/Sakonnet Technology squad, which broke the first place series tie between the two and delivered Hekman the overall victory for the week.

"Since we ended up being tied before the start," a breathless Hekman said at the finish,"all I had to do today was watch him and beat him over the line, so it was pretty exciting. Coming in the last corner, I jumped on the inside of him, got a big gap, and then just powered up this hill."

A large crowd lined a hilly course in Sandy Springs to eventually watch Hekman's triumph, but not before they got to cheer on a seven-man breakaway roll away from the main group early on in the race. That split comprised Christian Helmig (Metro Volkswagen), Michael Stoop (TIME), Bennet Van Der Genugten (Team Inferno Racing), Bruno Langlois (Myogenesis.com), Paul Martin (Texas Roadhouse), Rob White (ABD/GEARGRINDER) and eventual race winner Peter Dawson (Rock Racing). With two teammates supporting him in the field, including 2008 Athens Twilight Criterium champion Rahsaan Bahati, Dawson and the rest of his companions in the escape took turns at pulling their lead farther and farther away from the pack behind them.

"We had seven guys up there and, for the first amount of time that we were away, we all chopped off very hard." Dawson said afterwards. "They were taking some pretty hard turns and managed to keep it out there."

As the race for the win wound down, Dawson began to contribute less to the group's effort and storing up the energy he needed to win the final sprint.

"I played it pretty foxy in the end," said Dawson, fairly competent of his turn of speed, having been a multiple world team pursuit champion on the track. "I really had nothing left and, if they attacked me, I probably would have got dropped. But I managed to pull out on the right-hand side when they all fanned out across the course, and ran out of gas in front of me."

Joe Martin is going good...Stage 3 tomorrow, a 90 mile ride at 8am

Thursday, May 08, 2008

At Joe Martin

We are currently in beautiful Arkansas partaking in the Joe Martin Stage Race. We are staying in host housing which is really awesome especially when they have a coffee maker like this...

Things are going good, I feel good. Got sick after Speed Week, but am feeling better every day. I always enjoy doing this race and this year we have a really strong team so I am hoping we will pull out some sort of result.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Things picked up...

since twilight as we ended up winning the USA CRIT SPEEDWEEK. 2 years in a row!!! It was a tough week for us as our #1 guy Frank sprained his wrist, and then keith hurt his knee, and then Bobby broke a rib, and alex crashed bad leading the whole field out...Anyway I was able to be consistent for the whole week and the team totally sacrificed themselves so I could take the win!!!!
Full report coming soon...

Monday, April 28, 2008

Rough Start

But at least I have a half naked Jim cooking for me...

So Athens Twilight was this past saturday, and that race is by far the coolest race of the year. The crowds are crazy and super loud and the racing is so so so fast.
I flatted and crashed going really fast about 15 laps in this year taking out Frank in the process. It hurt a good amount and i have some decent road rash. After that my bike didn't seem normal, as it was handling super weird and was flexing all over. Turns out my fork was a bit damaged.

I also broke a carbon Dura Ace wheel, that is probably the last time my team will let me ride the race wheels...HA!

Anyway it was a tough start for us, but there is a ton more crit racing to do this week and it will be a blast. We are super excited to have another go at it.

The best part about athens is hanging out with everyone after the race. The town is sweet and has a ton of cool bars.
Here is UH and Tori celebrating their birthdays.

The inferno boys were out on the town too looking good as ever. Here is bennett protecting UH from Rich...ha!!!

Beufort SC is the next race on tuesday night.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sounds like a party to me

Check out this article on Twilight, (scroll down) it sounds like its gonna be a ton of fun.

In other news I got my car back and I am out of vaseline now. It is nice having a new transmission because with the new one I can get up to about 15mph and throw it into reverse while I am still going forward and it catches right away and starts going backwards. It is fun and it only seems to work when the car is new.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

check out this prime

Yes that is the prime i won on sunday during the Dogwood Classic Criterium in Knoxville TN. Yes that is 5 gels at a retail value of $5.89. Ha!!!
The race was sweet though, as it was a non technical crit course but 3 of the 4 straights were uphill and the one that was downhill was super fast.
I managed to get away near the beginning of the race with 5 others and as the race progressed 3 of us lapped. I then took advnatage of some in-fighting between my other 2 breakaway partners and got away again for the win. It was a fun tune up race for twilight this weekend and I feel good...just need to get my car fixed and everything will be alright.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yes I Know This Guy

Congrats to my teammate Dan Vaillancourt!!! He ripped it to a 2nd place finish at the Cohutta 100 mtb race. That is a huge result among a very stacked field. Read all about it here.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


TOSHIBA-Santo Pro Cycing Team presented by Herbalife Take All Stages
at Chattanooga-Mountain Cove Georgia Cup

It seems that the Georgia Cup race series is drawing more and more high caliber riders to its races week by week. This past weekend was no exception, as several strong men, including the TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife team, made the trip to our neighbors to the North. Frank Travieso, Mark Hekman, Keith Norris, Predrag Prokic, who has recently returned from competing in Serbia, Alex Hagman, Tommy Nankervis, and Dan Vaillancourt all represented Team TOSHIBA against some steep competition, including BMC's Brent Brookwalter, Trent Wilson, Tim Henry, and Ryan Sullivan of Jittery Joe's, and Jeff Hopkins of Team Inferno Racing. This was going to be a great weekend of racing.

The first stage was a 5.5 mile Time Trial. The race against the clock was on as TOSHIBA stong man Travieso flexed his muscle, riding to a first stage victory. Mark Hekman rounded out the top 3.

Time Trial, 5.5 miles
1. Frank Travieso, 11:19.001, TOSHIBA-Santo Pro Cycling Team presented by Herbalife
2. Brent Brookwalter, 11:22.009, BMC
3. Mark Hekman, 11:24.000, TOSHIBa-Santo Pro Cycling Team presented by Herbalife

The second stage hosted a half-day of criteriums in downtown Chattanooga. The ProAm field raced for an hour worth of laps. Early on riders would attack, form a break and then be brought back by our boys in red. Finally, Hekman was able to make the final break of the day, but as the team did not like the make-up of the riders in the break, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife got to the front and brought the group of 5 back to the field. With four laps or so to go, the team set-up its train for sprinter Travieso. Coming into the final turns, it was just Hekman and Travieso, with Travieso sitting on Jeff Hopkins wheel. Into the final 300 meters and into a head wind, it was down to Travieso and Hopkins, with Frank coming around Hopkins at the line., notching his second victory of the weekend.

Downtown Chattanooga Criterium

1. Frank Travieso, TOSHIBA-Santo Pro Cycling Team presented by Herbalife
2. Jeff Hopkins, Team Inferno Racing
3. Chris Scott, Locos Cycling

The third and final stage was a 90 mile Road Race on the streets of Chickamauga. The ProAm field would complete 4 laps of the rolling course, with one major climb for KOM points. When the field came through, a break of 5 or 6 riders had a 30 second gap, and no TOSHIBA riders were represented in the break. The break had about a one minute lead at one point, with the TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife team moving to the front of the group to reel the break back in with one lap to go. The field blew a part on the final climb with a break of 12 forming, including Travieso and Hekman. In the gallop to the finish it would be Travieso and Hekman taking 1st and 2nd.

Mountain Cove Road Race, 90 miles
1. Frank Travieso, TOSHIBA-Santo Pro Cycling Team presented by Herbalife
2. Mark Hekman, TOSHIBA-Santo Pro Cycling Team presented by Herbalife
3. Thad Dulin, DLP Racing

Chattanooga-Mountain Cove General Classification
1. Frank Travieso, TOSHIBA-Santo Pro Cycling Team presented by Herbalife
2. Mark Hekman, TOSHIBA-Santo Pro Cycling Team presented by Herbalife

With a strong showing in the past weekend's Georgia Cup, Travieso and the team slotted 4 victories. Next up for the team is the much anticipated 29th Annual Athens Twilight Criterium (www.athenstwilight.com) on April 26, and the USA CRITS Speed Week (www.usacrits.com), as well as the US Air Force Classic in Arlington, VA, the Joe Martin Stage Race and Tri-Peaks, both in Arkansas.

Follow the boys in red and all of their adventures online at www.toshibacycling.com.

ITS MY 30th (ouch) BIRTHDAY and I am celebrating it by finding out today that I have to replace the transmission in my car...yay. WOW, I don't understand how it can cost as much as the car is worth. Cars Suck.

Monday, April 14, 2008


So, we (Toshiba Team) raced another Georgia Cup this weekend and it couldn't have gone better. Frank won every single stage and the overall...not too shabby. I managed to snag 3rd in the TT and 2nd in the RR for 2nd overall, so it was a Toshiba 1, 2 for the second week in a row. It was really cool to be on a team that works so well together. WE as a team TOTALLY UNSELFISHLY SLAYED ourselves for one cause, to win the race and Frank delivered. It was a super good feeling.
I am currently in Asheville visiting with UH and her pet shelter. It is so nice here and I wish I didn't have to return to reality tomorrow and go to work.
I will have the "official" race report coming soon with some action pics, but I just wanted to post and tell everyone how cool we are...HA!!!

Here is Dan and myself eating a Garlic Pizza after the crit. Each slice had multiple entire cloves on it. It was a good thing we were rooming with each other. All that mouth breathing while we sleep was very enjoyable I am sure.

Other people opted for the Calzones, they were ENORMOUS!!!! Here is Keally (Tommy's Fiance) staring in disbelief at her food.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Thanks Kyle

My friend kyle P sent me this article from slate.com. The whole article is great and funny. It talks more about oboe, but the bassoon is just as relevant. Here is the excerpt:

From "Death by Oboe" by Jan Swafford.
In the modern world, nothing in music is more tragicomic than the subject of double-reed instruments like the oboe and bassoon. If you're an oboist or bassoonist in a high-school band, you buy ready-made reeds. Otherwise, you make your own from scratch, using expensive aged cane from particular terroirs, preferably in southern France. Cutting and trimming and binding and shaving reeds consumes a good deal of your days, while other musicians are practicing and regular people are having fun or making love. If you play the oboe seriously, much of your free time is spent making reeds, not love. Besides being ridiculously fragile, reeds are also sensitive to humidity, which on a soggy night can turn an orchestral woodwind section into a squawkfest.

A professional oboist will tell you more than you need to know about what constitutes a Mozart reed, a Mahler reed, a Stravinsky reed, and so on. If he plays in a pops orchestra, there's probably a Lennon/McCartney reed. If he wants to show you his reed knife, which is razor sharp, you should keep an eye on the exit. Reed making and the pressure on the brain that comes from blowing into an oboe can do unpredictable things to a person.

Just for the record, bassoon reeds are just as bad as oboe reeds.
I am in Athens GA training for a week and it RULES here. Did 5 hours in the mtns today and it was 75 and sunny...sweet.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Here is the Official Race Report from the official website....

TOSHIBA-Santo Pro Cycling Team presented by HerbalifeDominate the Gainesville Georgia Cup.

The sky’s above Georgia turned gray and began to spit rain as the Gainesville Georgia Cup drew near only to open up with torrential rain the morning of the first of three stages in what would be a race dominated by the TOSHIBA-Santo Pro Cycling Team presented by Herbalife.
Saturday morning found seven TOSHIBA riders layering up with warm clothes, rain jackets, and skin suits! The first stage was a 14km time trial that tested the riders’ ability to stay focused in adverse weather conditions, as well as their ability to stay upright on slippery roads. All the TOSHIBA riders did well with Frank Travieso coming in second place to HealthNet presented by Maxxis rider John Murphy.. Bobby Sweeting, Mark Hekman, Tommy Nankervis, Dan Vaillancourt, Keith Norris and Alex Hagman all put in top ten times making the General Classification wide open for the road race later in the afternoon.
Time Trial, 14 k
1. John Murphy, HealthNet presented by Maxxis, 18:48.7
2. Frank Travieso, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife, 19:07.4
3. Chris Butler, Hincapie-Barkley Devo, 19:25.2
4. Bobby Sweeting, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife, 19:25.5
6. Dan Vaillancourt, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife, 19:50.4
7. Alex Hagman, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife, 19:54.3
10. Mark Hekman, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife, 19:57.8

As the 82 mile, three lap road race began, the rain subsided briefly, though it looked as if the sky’s could open up in a deluge at any moment. Attacks came early and hard from the region’s top teams including MyogenesisNutrition.com, Clinica Union, and Pacesetters Steel. Vaillancourt in his usual style got into the first early move, and it seemed his form was good, building a one minute gap almost instantly with another rider from Pacesetters Steel. For a lap they were together, but Vaillancourt’s form cracked his escapee partner. He was riding solo only to be chased down by Michael Olheiser (Marx and Bensdorf), a former world Time Trial Champion. As soon as Vaillancourt came back to the group, Hagman attacked on the course’s 1.5km hill and was joined at the top by Travieso and Myogenesis rider Chris Klem. They drove hard, but the field was not ready to let another break go up the road, so the third lap began with vicious attacks coming from every angle. Eventually it was Travieso who broke away with five other riders, and the winning move was established. However the course took its toll on all but Travieso and Klem. With 20k to go, Hekman went on the attack and was joined by Hagman. The duo laid down the power and was clear of the field and stayed away while Travieso was going for better GC time driving his duo and finishing second. Hagman and Hekman finished third and fourth respectively, and in the field sprint, Nankervis finished 5th for the day. The day of racing could not have been more dominated by the TOSHIBA riders who are coming into fine form individually and as a team.
Road Race, 82 miles
1. Chris Klem, MyogenesisNutrition.com
2. Frank Travieso, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife
3. Alex Hagman, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife
4. Mark Hekman, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife
5. Tommy Nankervis, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife

The final day hosted a 60 lap criterium around the square in Downtown Gainesville. The course was a fast, 4 corner crit with 2 long straights and 2 very short ones, and there were many time bonuses up for grabs. The TOSHIBA-Santo Pro Cycling Team presented by Herbalife was leading the race after 2 stages and wanted to protect Travieso’s lead. The other teams and racers were going to make it tough on the TOSHIBA team, and the race was going to be very exciting.
The goal of the team for the criterium was to not lose any time to any of the competitors, covering all MAR (most aggressive rider) points, and after that the team would be very happy with the stage win.

The race got off to a very fast start, with the second lap contesting a MAR sprint, and the other teams immediately attacked the TOSHIBA team. The race settled in a bit and Vallincourt put in a huge attack which helped the boys in red get a bit of rest. After Vaillacourt was reeled in, Hekman countered Vaillancourt's move. Hekman stayed off the front for a while and was soon bridged up to by Travieso, Sweeting, and Clinica Union's Oscar Henao, who was the 2007 Overall Georgia Cup Champion. Back in the field, the remaining TOSHIBA boys man-handled the pack, making sure no one was going anywhere. The breakaway ended up lapping the field, and TOSHIBA lined up in the red train, covered Murphy's late race attack,and took the stage win, as they already had the overall locked up when the breakaway lapped. The team did an amazing lead-out, dropping Travieso and Hekman off a couple hundred meters from the finish. It was an amazing weekend of wonderful teamwork, which bodes well for the team as they head into criterium season and the USA CRITS Speed Week and National Series.

Criterium, 60 laps
1. Mark Hekman, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife
2. Oscar Henao, Clinica Union
3. Frank Travieso, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife
4. Bobby Sweeting, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife

1. Frank Travieso, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife
2. Mark Hekman, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife
3. Bobby Sweeting, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife
6. Alex Hagman, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife
8. Dan Vaillancourt, TOSHIBA-Santo presented by Herbalife

Next up for the team is the Chattanooga Georgia Cup this weekend, the USA CRITS Speed Week (www.usacrits.com), The Athens Twilight (www.athenstwilight.com), and the Tri-Peaks and Joe Martin Stage Races.

Friday, April 04, 2008

A Bunch of Random Stuff

My eyes are bulging out of my head and my legs are tapping annoying up and down as I type this, I feel like my eyeballs are literally going pop out of my skull and smack the computer screen and slowly ooze down. Do you think that my breakfast coupled with a pot of coffee has anything to do with that? Yes that is chocolate milk...I am taking of lesson out of Calvin and Hobbes but I couldn't find any Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs...

Things in North Carolina have been good, it has been quite wet these last couple days and I have been spending extra time at the bicycle shop. My co worker Landon had a run in with a chainring while trying to remove some pedals... ouch. Nothing like greasy chainrings cutting your arm so deep that you can see the bone. YUM...
Jim Baldesare is in town for a couple days and he hooked up my bike fit for me. I am so lucky to have friends that use the Wobblenaught fit system and that are willing to come hang out and set me up. It is always good to have Jimbo down. Here he is showing me how to properly say "oh my goodness" with a lisp. Thanks Jim!!!!
My sugar buzz is amazing right now, I feel so productive but I can't seem to concentrate on anything at all. I have a ton of stuff to do to. I am packing up today and heading to Athens GA for some biking. There is a GA cup there this weekend and then I am hanging out for a week with my Toshiba teammates and then doing another GA cup. I am excited to do some racing with the team here in the states. The guys are cool so it will be a fun little block of training and racing.
Since I don't have a laptop, I can't guarantee any postings, but i will try my best. I just came down off my high and now I need to take a nap....

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


So here is my big announcement: Aliza and I went to Gatlinburg yesterday and got MARRIED!!!! It was awesome, it was just us in essentially a drive thru wedding chapel. I am so excited I can't even begin to contain myself. I know that this is probably no suprise to people who know us, but we just felt like being spontaneous. HA!! CRAZY EH?
Anyway we are both really happy and want everyone to know we are going to have the mother of all parties soon. So stay tuned...

Monday, March 31, 2008

Anyone want a dog?

My father is trying to find a home for his buddie's dog. Here is the ad. Let me know if you want the dog.

* Free to good home.
* Excellent guard dog.
* Owner cannot afford to feed him anymore, as there are no more thieves,murderers, or molesters left in the neighborhood for him to eat.
* Most of them knew him as 'Holy Shit.'

I have a HUGE announcement tomorrow...you just wait...this one is a doozie.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Where is it?

Here is a picture of my boss, cameron, modeling some triathalon clothes...Looking good Cam!!! OH yeah, in case Cameron hasn't told you yet, he got an I phone.

In more relevant news, the Toshiba Santo Pro Cycling Team presented by Herbalife website is up.
Spring is finally here in NC. It is getting up into the 70s each day and the riding has been going great...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

catching up

Wow it has been a while since I posted, I guess I just haven't had much to say. I have just been working, training a ton, and thinking about practicing my bassoon. This past weekend I went to Asheville to train with Andy and $Rich$. It was sweet and a ton of fun.
On saturday we rode 130 miles in the mountains and it only took a measly 7 hours, it was epic for sure. At a gas station i was so hungry that I ate a corn dog, it was amazing for sure. Anyway it ended up being a bonk fest for us as the last 20 miles seemed to take FOREVER.
On sunday we celebrated easter by doing the Off Road Assault On Mount Mitchell course. It is a pretty epic mountain bike ride. I made the mistake of riding my singlespeed, which was way overgeared for that course. I walked a ton and had to stop and rest a number of times. The ride is awesome tho and it took around 6 hours, i really enjoyed watching Rich ride his mountain bike. I am smiling just thinking about it...
Check out this blog, i think it is HILARIOUS and I can't tell wether it is offensive or or not...

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Chasing back from one of many flat tires...

This is what happens when you flat and then have to chase through the race caravan. Check out the quality of roads and the cool caravan vehicles. Thanks to DS Chris Jones for the video...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


So I am back in NC. It is good to be home . Sorry those posts look so messed up, i had to send them via text message and that is what they look like. Anyway the rest of the race ended up good, we all got sick with some sort of cold and 2 of the guys got a stomach virus. I am feeling okay, but have a pretty nasty cold right now.

Anyway as far as the rest of the race goes, I got a 10th in the Time Trial and only lost by 21 seconds to first place. The cool thing was that I wasn't using any aero equiptment except a pair of clip on aerobars. No skinsuit, no aero helmet, no disc, no tt bike. Just my road bike with clip ons on. I was pretty happy with that.

On the final day we tried to set frank up again, but the racers down there don't really ride in straight lines at all. It is scary. Anyway He ended up getting seriously chopped again. Oh well.

We all survived the trip and most importanatly, none of us have broken bones. Phew.

Here are the guys... From the left it is Frank, Alex, Winston, and Keith

The Power Situation in the DR

These guys were dressed up for independence day. That is real tar they are wearing. They wouldn't leave until we gave them money...

The haitian national team was here. Here was one of their bikes, don't think it was UCI legal.

This is how you get guys to the airport with bike boxes. There are 6 bikes in this be plus 6 huge duffles and 7 people in the front...

Overall the trip was amazing. I have some more pics to put up later and I will I promise. It was a great way to start the season. The guys are real cool and it is going to be an outstanding season...