Friday, July 18, 2008

Vancouver is...

Vancouver is...
Awesome and the self proclaimed 'weed' Capitol of the world. At least
that is what a spectator was telling me as he blew smoke in my face
and explained why we kept racing through clouds of it on the course.
The Tour de Gastown is a tough course that has only three corners and
a tough false flat straightaway. The field started with 152 racers and
by the end there were only 35 finishers.
The race was 60k of attacks followed by more attacks followed by svein
tuft going away solo only to be caught on the last lap. The bunch
sprint was a little crazy and we squeezed out 7th and 8th. There was a
little miscommunication towards the end as we all couldn't find each
other to get organized. Anyway symetrics ended up winning. It was a
super fast race and def worth all the travel. The crowd was amazing
and it was so much fun checking out Vancouver. It is probably the
coolest city I have been to yet.

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milo said...

good job. don't get abducted.