Monday, May 03, 2010

This is the tshirt that our hosts gave Joey.

He is so proud of it.
Tour of the Gila is a hard bike race. It's not any easier when you
have a horrible cold and cough which is what was going on with me. I
thought it was just the elevation at first but then I got worse
everyday. Ugh. I called it quits before the gila monster stage hoping
to recover by Thursday when Joe Martin starts.
The Gila is in this town called Silver City in New Mexico Whig is
essentially an abandoned mining town. It's pretty interesting and
desolate there. Our hosts were awesome and they set us up in a trailer
that someone had died in the previous week. No kidding. Never a dull
moment on the road. They were super gracious and it did work out quite
We are driving to Arkansas right now. We should be there sometime

Monday, April 26, 2010

Quick update

Quick update
I'm enroute to Albuquerque (that's hard to spell) right now. The tour
of Gila starts on Wednesday.
Athens was it's usually hectic and crazy race self. It was really dark
and really wet and I was too far back picking my nose when the winning
move went. Will tried super hard to get across but the gap was to big
so the whole team chased. And chased. And chased some more. It was to
no avail. In the final sprint bodies were flying everywhere and as
someone fell right in front of me, I decided to see what that felt
like and do it too. It didn't feel that sweet and now my swollen foot
continues to throb.
All in all Athens is always exciting and this year was no different.
Hopefully I'll be able to continue updating during the week but I
wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

This is just too much.

I didn't care much for the Tiger Woods story, but this part of it is just unexcusable, unbelievable, unforgivable and makes me sick. I didn't know Tiger was a white, middle age police officer.

Have I mentioned that Athens is this weekend? Oh yes it is. I am only doing Athens, not any of the rest of speedweek. Instead I am flying to NM to compete in the Tour of the Gila and unfortunately I saw that these guys were registered also...FML.

The Legend is rolling into town tonight, so I better start practicing my dart skills.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I just bought Super Mario Bros 3 and I had to force myself to put down the controller to update my blog. That is what I call dedication.
This past weekend Team Mountain Khakis fueled by Jittery Joes went up to upstate NY to compete in the 120 mile half pavement/ half gravel all hilly road race. I don't even know what to say about this race other than my hands were really cold for a while.
166 racers started and I believe only 50 some finished. The race was super fast from the gun and stayed fast the entire time. We finished the race in 5 hours and considering how hilly the course was and how much dirt/mud there was that is a fast pace.
The weather started out about 40 and overcast, but at about mile 40, it started pouring and the dirt roads turned to mud and my hands became so numb that i could barely shift my gears. It rained for about an hour and during that hour I was near tears and wondering why the f I do stuff like this. Thankfully the rain stopped and once my hands were dry I found myself still wondering why I do stuff like this.
The race is a pure attrition race and Joey and myself managed to finish in the lead group for 22 and 26th. We were happy just to finish as a ton of people did not.

We have the Honda Insight up and running for the season now. Pretty neat car, and it still gets almost 30 miles to the gallon with 5 bikes on the roof.

On the way up to race we stayed at the Lea's house and they converted and old barn into a guest house/weight room. It was amazing there and they are awesome for letting us crash there.

I'm sad that I have to clean my bike now.

and my shoes...

Joey and me after the finish. I'm not goosing him, I promise.

This saturday is ATHENS TWILIGHT!!!!!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Off to the beach

Uh and I are off in a few hours to Hilton Head SC. Yes I know we aren't leaving until 9pm but my wonderful wife is taking a photography class and the first class was tonight. I didn't realize Hilton Head was an island until just last night. I'm wondering if I will be a candidate...
We are going there for a infectious disease conference. I am very excited for the conference as it will give me ample time to train. Hopefully I can get off the island by bicycle.
Things have been good for the week that I have been home. I did a landscaping project, caught up with some friends and did the Boone Roubaix which is a very cool bike race. You can read about it here.
Looking forward to Battenkill in a week and a half. Just going to make sure I bring an extra pair of shoes this year.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back Home

So The Redlands Bicycle Classic once again came and went. I am back home in North Carolina after taking the red eye home on Sunday after the race. All in all the race was good. We had 3 people crash out on the final day, including our GC guy, Matt. He had to get stitches, and fortunately we were staying at a Doctors house, so he stitched him up outside by the pool. Pretty handy. Will fell over mid conversation and hit the deck hard while Joey hit the wall, literally. There was a cement wall along the side of the road. He got diverted and ran right into it.
I managed to hang on until the final time up the climb where I proceded to come completely apart. I finished in the first chase group, which is quite better than last year, but I still have some work to do.
I am very happy though as this was more of a training trip to get us in shape for the rest of the season. The weather was awesome, we got a ton of hard miles in and no one got seriously injured.
Up next is the Boone Roubaix on Saturday.
I hope Jason gets back soon with my bike, if ever. Jason (our director) has the priveledge of driving back with all our equiptment. He was not entirely thrilled about driving back alone so he put an ad on Craigs List looking for a random person to help him drive back. Someone did respond and the person needed a ride to Asheville (go figure). I spoke with Jason this morning and he is still alive and it turns out his new bff is a modern day gypsy. Never a dull moment in Jason's life.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Time trial

The time trial was this afternoon. It was 3 miles of pure misery.
Uphill misery actually. We have cool tt bikes this year so at least it
sounds like your going fast if nothing else. Not sure how we did. I
rode about 35 seconds faster than last year but not sure how that
stacks up.
Life in Redlands is good. It's sunny an warm and we are staying on an estate that has acres of orange trees and guacamole trees...wait I mean avacado trees I think.
Cyclingnews wrote a nice article about what a dork I truly am. It's awesome they called me out on that so now everyone can make fun of me, not just the people I know. Check it out here.
Tomorrow is a long road race followed by a crit on Saturday and then a stupid hard, nearly impossible road race on Sunday. This trip is always fun and a good way to see where I have to improve, which right now seems like everywhere.
Looking forward to coming back to NC to UH and the animals. Until then I just need to stay upright.

Cool stuff

We got these special time trial speed suits that are made of dimpled
fabric and essentially seamless. Very cool. Very tight and very low
cut though.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My butt hurts...bad.

My butt hurts...bad.
Actually it's my taint. Is that to much information? Just trying to
figure out where the line is.
I'm watching "Life" on the Discovery channel as I type this. The show
is absolutley stunning although I don't know about Oprah narrating it.
I feel like it would be better with someone with a British accent.
Don't know why I feel that way. This entry is just fascinating so far
isn't it.
The criterium was this afternoon and it was pretty uneventful. Fly V
set a fast tempo the entire race and kept all the breaks at bay. I sat
in the field all day. With 7 laps to go the chaos was unleashed and it
was quite difficult maintaining position. David Guttenplan did an
awesome job bringing me to the front and I managed to snag 12th. Not
awesome but I feel stronger each day.
I didn't know fish could fly. This show is amazing.
We are now hanging out in Riverside for a couple days before we head
to Redlands which starts on Thursday.
The weather here in CA has been amazing. Lookin forward to getting
some pool time in this week.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Third try

I don't know why the words are posting with the picture but here is
the entry.
California rocks. They have bike lanes everywhere and they are enormous.
Today was fast from the gun. Survival was the goal of the day and
only 3 of us made it. It's amazing how fast and strong these teams
are. The course was tricky and had 2 one mile climbs per lap and we
did 12 laps. I made it until the last time up the final climb and
ended up finishing a couple seconds back in 38th. Ugh. Better than
yesterday though. Ha!
Tomorrow is another day. First criterium of the year. I hope my legs
stop throbbing before the start.

Check out this bike lane.



Check out this bike lane.

I'm going to rename this blog

We woke up to this in the hotel parking lot. Jason actually witnessed
the crime and took a picture of the perp. Exciting times in California.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Uphill time trials

Are not fun. Somehow I thought it would be more fun this year but alas
I was wrong.
We did alright. Not necessarily lighting up the leaderboard but matt
rode to a solid 30thish place And I was 41st which is 25 places better
than last year but I only went 5 seconds faster. I guess the
conditions were harder this year.
Tomorrow is an 84 mile circuit race. We do 12 laps which means 12
awful climbs.
The weather here is awesome and it feels good to get the first race of
the year out of the legs.

Actually there are 8 of us.

I forgot to count myself.


All we have is a quad cab pick up. We have 7 of us in here right now.
It's gonna be a long trip.

Team Mtn Khakis Fueled by Jittery Joes is now in California. The San
Dimas stage race starts today with am uphill time trial. Since we all
got in late last night we are not really expecting to light this thing
up although we are sure going to try.
We wrapped up our training camp by traveling to Athens Ga where we met
some sponsors and did some riding and drank quite a bit of coffee.
Athens is a sweet city and I always enjoy my time there.
Since u have an iPhone I will try to give a short recap after each
stage. Don't hold your breath though.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Team Camp Picture Update

Team Mountain Khakis Fueled by Jittery Joe's cycling team is having training camp in Winston-Salem NC right now. I love being on the hometown team for many reasons, but one is that I get to stay at home during training camp.
Camp is fun, we got some of our new bikes and have had many meetings and have been riding a decent amount.
First and foremost I must say congratulations to Rich and Rachel who popped out Natalie Grace Hekman on Sunday morning. Welcome to the world Natalie!!!!

Here is my photo diary from camp so far:
We have been having meetings at the Wake Forest Football Field which evidently has a conference room overloooking it. Pretty Sweet. The team is also sponsored by Keen shoes and we got to pick any pair we wanted. I missed the part of the memo that said we were going to have to wear them to team functions...whoops. So here am I at a meeting rocking my "official" team gear...Its gonna be a long hot sweaty stinky foot summer.

The weather has been good to us so far and we have a good sized group for the rides. In three days we have ridden 13 hours so far and combine that with the meetings, its been a busy and fun week.

Jason has been growing his hair out all summer and insists that we call him Ron Jeremy now.

Our equipment is sweet this year here is my new Jack Kane K Team Racing. The paint job is fantastic and in the light, it fades from red to orange. Love it.

We have MTN Khaki Hubs:

To go with our Radical Reynolds Carbon Clinchers

Which are stopped with our TRP brakes:

And we pedal fast with the sweetest shoes I have ever put on my feet:

Thursday, March 04, 2010

darn camry

Boy am I sure glad I don’t have a Toyota Camry anymore. I drove one of those for years and after 240k of miles my gas pedal also stuck but mainly because of all the spilled mochas, red vines, and melted mike n’ ikes littering the floorboards. That car was sweet, for the longest time the drivers side door handle (on the exterior) was completely broken off so I would just get in the passenger side. That car was also home to a family of mice that escaped the trash I was carrying around in my trunk looking for a dumpster to poach. With all this camry talk in the news, it makes me miss my purplish tan camry. It was a car with class too, at one point I was missing a hub cap on one side, so I just removed the other one on that side so each side matched. Jim Baldesare had the exact model with a missing hubcap also, and my crowning achievement was stealing one of his so I had a complete set. The funny thing was he never noticed until I returned it after I had retired that car. Hard to believe that was 4 years ago now. It seems like its been that long since I have updated this blog.

So much has happened since my last post. Here is a very brief synopsis not necessarily chronological order:

After the wedding I raced my bicycle until the end September and along with Team Mountain Khakis won the USA Crits Series...FINALLY.
During that time lots of people were getting busy because it seems like everyone we (UHLYZA and myself) know are having babies. I mean everybody except us... The first up to pop them out will be Rich and Rachel's secretly named spawn and thats gonna happen any day now.

Aliza became an Infectious Disease Specialist which is exciting because we have interesting conversations when she comes home from work. Aliza: “Um, so, ah...I think I may have gotten syphilis at work today, but don’t worry, I probably didn’t, I mean I think I might have had gloves on” Me (insert Buttheads voice): “uhhh, uhhh, you just said syphilis”

Burger got his tail shortened twice. The first time didn’t really stick, in fact the only thing sticking out was the bone of his tail sticking out of the most disgusting wound I have ever laid eyes on. Its really enjoying bringing your dog into the vet only to have the vets flinch when they look at it. Thats a comforting feeling. Poor guy. He is doing great now and his tail no longer shoots blood like a flame thrower. And he still eats everything he can get his snout around.

Bugs still naps all day.

We went our honeymoon to Cat Island in the Bahamas. Its SWEET there and I LOVE their artwork.

After the race season ended I made a daring comeback to the world of bassoonology. I applied to the DMA program at UNCG (that's University of North Carolina Greensboro), started practicing intensely and consistently, and got back into decent playing shape quickly. I even contacted the Prof at UNCG for some lessons.

Right after I had set a lesson time, Cameron and I decided to try backpacking for the first time and like true rookies, we bit off WAY more than we could chew. Evidently building a bridge across a river with only a multitool is more difficult than it seems and I returned home with a broken finger. Here is the write up of our Backpacking trip with photos.

Hence the bassoon was put on hold for 4 weeks. Then the pressure was on. After I was healed up I had 6 weeks to put together an entire recitals (an hour) worth of music for my Audition. I managed and in the fall I will start working on my DMA. Its very exciting to be going back to school and starting my life as a musician once again.

For some reason, since the bassoon comeback started, I have been listening to the same music I did in college. I found the best Podcast EVER. I listen to this when I ride my bike, when I walk the dog, whenever I can its always on. I’m like really into it for some weird reason. Probably because its awesome.