Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back Home

So The Redlands Bicycle Classic once again came and went. I am back home in North Carolina after taking the red eye home on Sunday after the race. All in all the race was good. We had 3 people crash out on the final day, including our GC guy, Matt. He had to get stitches, and fortunately we were staying at a Doctors house, so he stitched him up outside by the pool. Pretty handy. Will fell over mid conversation and hit the deck hard while Joey hit the wall, literally. There was a cement wall along the side of the road. He got diverted and ran right into it.
I managed to hang on until the final time up the climb where I proceded to come completely apart. I finished in the first chase group, which is quite better than last year, but I still have some work to do.
I am very happy though as this was more of a training trip to get us in shape for the rest of the season. The weather was awesome, we got a ton of hard miles in and no one got seriously injured.
Up next is the Boone Roubaix on Saturday.
I hope Jason gets back soon with my bike, if ever. Jason (our director) has the priveledge of driving back with all our equiptment. He was not entirely thrilled about driving back alone so he put an ad on Craigs List looking for a random person to help him drive back. Someone did respond and the person needed a ride to Asheville (go figure). I spoke with Jason this morning and he is still alive and it turns out his new bff is a modern day gypsy. Never a dull moment in Jason's life.

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