Thursday, March 11, 2010

Team Camp Picture Update

Team Mountain Khakis Fueled by Jittery Joe's cycling team is having training camp in Winston-Salem NC right now. I love being on the hometown team for many reasons, but one is that I get to stay at home during training camp.
Camp is fun, we got some of our new bikes and have had many meetings and have been riding a decent amount.
First and foremost I must say congratulations to Rich and Rachel who popped out Natalie Grace Hekman on Sunday morning. Welcome to the world Natalie!!!!

Here is my photo diary from camp so far:
We have been having meetings at the Wake Forest Football Field which evidently has a conference room overloooking it. Pretty Sweet. The team is also sponsored by Keen shoes and we got to pick any pair we wanted. I missed the part of the memo that said we were going to have to wear them to team functions...whoops. So here am I at a meeting rocking my "official" team gear...Its gonna be a long hot sweaty stinky foot summer.

The weather has been good to us so far and we have a good sized group for the rides. In three days we have ridden 13 hours so far and combine that with the meetings, its been a busy and fun week.

Jason has been growing his hair out all summer and insists that we call him Ron Jeremy now.

Our equipment is sweet this year here is my new Jack Kane K Team Racing. The paint job is fantastic and in the light, it fades from red to orange. Love it.

We have MTN Khaki Hubs:

To go with our Radical Reynolds Carbon Clinchers

Which are stopped with our TRP brakes:

And we pedal fast with the sweetest shoes I have ever put on my feet:

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