Thursday, March 04, 2010

darn camry

Boy am I sure glad I don’t have a Toyota Camry anymore. I drove one of those for years and after 240k of miles my gas pedal also stuck but mainly because of all the spilled mochas, red vines, and melted mike n’ ikes littering the floorboards. That car was sweet, for the longest time the drivers side door handle (on the exterior) was completely broken off so I would just get in the passenger side. That car was also home to a family of mice that escaped the trash I was carrying around in my trunk looking for a dumpster to poach. With all this camry talk in the news, it makes me miss my purplish tan camry. It was a car with class too, at one point I was missing a hub cap on one side, so I just removed the other one on that side so each side matched. Jim Baldesare had the exact model with a missing hubcap also, and my crowning achievement was stealing one of his so I had a complete set. The funny thing was he never noticed until I returned it after I had retired that car. Hard to believe that was 4 years ago now. It seems like its been that long since I have updated this blog.

So much has happened since my last post. Here is a very brief synopsis not necessarily chronological order:

After the wedding I raced my bicycle until the end September and along with Team Mountain Khakis won the USA Crits Series...FINALLY.
During that time lots of people were getting busy because it seems like everyone we (UHLYZA and myself) know are having babies. I mean everybody except us... The first up to pop them out will be Rich and Rachel's secretly named spawn and thats gonna happen any day now.

Aliza became an Infectious Disease Specialist which is exciting because we have interesting conversations when she comes home from work. Aliza: “Um, so, ah...I think I may have gotten syphilis at work today, but don’t worry, I probably didn’t, I mean I think I might have had gloves on” Me (insert Buttheads voice): “uhhh, uhhh, you just said syphilis”

Burger got his tail shortened twice. The first time didn’t really stick, in fact the only thing sticking out was the bone of his tail sticking out of the most disgusting wound I have ever laid eyes on. Its really enjoying bringing your dog into the vet only to have the vets flinch when they look at it. Thats a comforting feeling. Poor guy. He is doing great now and his tail no longer shoots blood like a flame thrower. And he still eats everything he can get his snout around.

Bugs still naps all day.

We went our honeymoon to Cat Island in the Bahamas. Its SWEET there and I LOVE their artwork.

After the race season ended I made a daring comeback to the world of bassoonology. I applied to the DMA program at UNCG (that's University of North Carolina Greensboro), started practicing intensely and consistently, and got back into decent playing shape quickly. I even contacted the Prof at UNCG for some lessons.

Right after I had set a lesson time, Cameron and I decided to try backpacking for the first time and like true rookies, we bit off WAY more than we could chew. Evidently building a bridge across a river with only a multitool is more difficult than it seems and I returned home with a broken finger. Here is the write up of our Backpacking trip with photos.

Hence the bassoon was put on hold for 4 weeks. Then the pressure was on. After I was healed up I had 6 weeks to put together an entire recitals (an hour) worth of music for my Audition. I managed and in the fall I will start working on my DMA. Its very exciting to be going back to school and starting my life as a musician once again.

For some reason, since the bassoon comeback started, I have been listening to the same music I did in college. I found the best Podcast EVER. I listen to this when I ride my bike, when I walk the dog, whenever I can its always on. I’m like really into it for some weird reason. Probably because its awesome.

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elise said...

and you're both going to be godparents to the sweetest little girl ever in 10 weeks! what a crazy great wild year - glad you are back to blogging - cameron is victorious!