Sunday, March 21, 2010

My butt hurts...bad.

My butt hurts...bad.
Actually it's my taint. Is that to much information? Just trying to
figure out where the line is.
I'm watching "Life" on the Discovery channel as I type this. The show
is absolutley stunning although I don't know about Oprah narrating it.
I feel like it would be better with someone with a British accent.
Don't know why I feel that way. This entry is just fascinating so far
isn't it.
The criterium was this afternoon and it was pretty uneventful. Fly V
set a fast tempo the entire race and kept all the breaks at bay. I sat
in the field all day. With 7 laps to go the chaos was unleashed and it
was quite difficult maintaining position. David Guttenplan did an
awesome job bringing me to the front and I managed to snag 12th. Not
awesome but I feel stronger each day.
I didn't know fish could fly. This show is amazing.
We are now hanging out in Riverside for a couple days before we head
to Redlands which starts on Thursday.
The weather here in CA has been amazing. Lookin forward to getting
some pool time in this week.


Jim said...

Glad to see all the updates to the blog. Keep it up so I can live vicariously through you guys!

cameron said...

pool time is awesome!!!!!i bet yr glad u brought yr swim trunks!!!!! i think its awesome you're gonna hit the pool. Killer!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cameron, you should really know by now that Mark's not really one for using swim trunks!