Tuesday, December 25, 2007


If anyone has seen 2 duffle bags full of presents and bicycle stuff that NW airlines seems to have thrown COMPLETELY away, let me know.
I am in MI and enjoying my time around the family tree.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Secret Training Weapon

My secret training weapon is chocolate cherry cake with icing for breakfast. It is awesome, I will eat it for breakfast and then feel so bad about myself that i go out and train for hours. The only problem is that I am usually starving when I get home so I will eat some more...

I love the south, saw this on my ride this morning. If you don't see what is wrong with the sign just smile and nod.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


My heel is officially healed. I had my last DRs appointment today. Yup I am good to go!!! That wasn't to bad. HA! Ask the people close to me how horrible i was for these 4 months. I would like to thank all those people who put up with me for their patience. Time to get back on the regimen.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Taking Cyclocross very seriously....

This is me in last place at the finale of the NC Cross series. I was trying really hard and had my game face on.
Things are going great, except I have found out that eating chocolate cake for breakfast is a ton of fun!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Guess what I have doing a bunch lately...

Thats right!!! Riding my bicycle a whole bunch!!!
Some of you need to get your mind out of the gutter...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Not much

is going on. Except for the fact that I have been walking like a normal person for about 2 weeks now. My heel has healed. It is funny, because now that I can walk again I have already forgotten what a pain is was to be on crutches. HA!!!
Things have been real good. I have training again and enjoying the long rides for the most part, except that it seems a lot hillier now than I remember...

I went to a cross race yesterday and ran into some friends. I like richs choice of knee warmers..

Andy got some new wheels, which helped him fly to a second place finish in the North Carolina Cup Finale. He ended up 2nd in the series and he WON the TN Mud Sweat and Gears series...Congrats to him.

This is what Andy and his wife brought to the cross race for just the two of them...

Oh yeah, I was wrong about the temp today... it was 78.

To all my friends and family up north....

It is sunny and 76 right now in North Carolina...

Saturday, December 01, 2007

newest hekman

Congratulations to my brother Rich and his wife Rachael on the birth of their baby, Joshua Allan Hekman. Welcome to the family Joshua!!!!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


So thanksgiving was amazing as usual. I hitched a ride up to mi with uh so it was super cool not to have to drive alone. It was a great trip as we had a stop in columbus and then a turkey sandwich lunch stop the next day. We were preparing our palates by eating turkey before thanksgiving...last minute training, I guess.
Grand Rapids was really cool as I got to do a bunch of riding in 30 degree weather, that is always super enjoyable especially when you are used to riding in the 60s one day and the next day it is 30. BRRRR.
The highlight of my trip was finding out that my cousins husbands brother is Marie Osmonds dancing partner on "dancing with the stars"!!!! I could always feel that I was famous somehow, I just didn't know how, but this explained everything and I am sleeping better now.
I flew back home on tuesday and I think I might be getting old. Do you think it is a sign that you are old when you get super annoyed with the teenager sitting next to you on the airplane who played drums on his legs and tapped his foot the ENTIRE flight. I was aggravated for some reason. Also, I don't think you should be able to be a flight attnedant if you butt is so big that it bumps into people everytime you walk down the aisle. I guess I am getting old and cranky these days.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Big Time Interview

So finally made it up onto thebikegame.com.!!! It is a website about the seriousness of cycling. They interviewed me and it is on there right now. Check out thebikegame
Rode 3 hours in the dark last night, it was sweeet....

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I always knew it.

I knew I was on to something...I could just tell...Should have done this study.
Went to the doc today. I am healed but I have 2 more weeks with crutches while I get used to full weight bearing. I will be doing wind sprints and the long jump in six weeks. SWEET!!!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Not that I am one to brag.....

So I would like to thank Steve for bringing it to my attention that I am on Wikepedia's notable former residents list from Grand Rapids, MI. Don't believe me? Check it out here...me and good old Gerry Ford...on the same list. I am finally getting the recognition I deserve.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Putting my masters degree to use.

Yes it is 7am and yes i am holding up a sign outside. This is the good life.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I am so classy

That is wine cube, not a box of wine and yes that is a plastic wine cup.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I am home and safe

I survived the trip. Key West was an absolute blast. Nothing like riding a beach cruiser from bar to bar with your crutches in the basket. It was amazing. We stayed in a wonderful house with a great group of guys. I have some pictures coming up soon, but I just wanted to let my mom know that I am okay. HA!!!
I am back to riding, ramping things up a little bit. I can weight bear 75 lbs on my foot now and see the doctor in one week... hope it goes well.
It is still nice in nc...will get up to 70 today.
Not much else is going on, just working everyday and tonight uh and i are going to the symphony. The WS Symphony has tuesday night concerts which actually is a great day to go as there generally aren't any conflicts.
Pictures from Key West are coming...i promise.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Home for a Minute

I have a bit of work to do...

So we (uh and I) got back from our MI trip yesterday. Nothing like starting a 12 hour drive in at 7am after going out from 5pm til 2am the day before. Luckily I had good company so it went by extremely fast.
The weekend was wonderful. I got to see every single one of my friends and family. It was the perfect trip.
The reunion was wonderful and I was surprised how everyone looks exactly the same. We recieved this book that had where everyone lived and who was married and how many kids people had. We graduated with 137 people. The book had 100 people responding and out of 100 people 18 people are not married and 11 live out of state.

My Crutches and I are off to Key West in the Morning!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

lunch at work

I have been riding lately, about 45 minutes a day for three days now. It feels awesome.
My high school 10 year reunion is this weekend so I am going to MI for a couple days and will be there from thurs-sun so if anyone wants to ride short and slow or go to founders let me know.
After MI I am going to key west for a fishing trip and to check out this thing called fantasy fest...should be interesting.

Friday, September 28, 2007


Rich is on a diet. Yes he did finish it.
Vegas is awesome we saw the sun rise today.
The boys rocked the race last night.

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First time is a charm.

So last night was the first night here and i woke up this morning with a tattoo! Crazy!
This banner is at the show.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Rich was worried that the world would run out of food so he brought this huge disgusting sandwich from wal mart for 4 dollars. I then sQuished while putting it in the over head compartment. He was so upset over that stupid sandwich it was so funny...to me.

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mobile posting

I can now post to this from my phone...the last entry was posted that way. How cool is that. So now I should be able to update this thing from the show and the race. The only problem with this is that I won't have anymore excuses. I am starting to love technology. You know what else I love? FREE TRIPS TO VEGAS!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Getting in shape for the show!

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I am going to vegas tomorrow and I CANNOT WAIT. I am going there to watch the USA CRITS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS on Thursday evening. It should be a riot as all I have to do there is party. I hear it is a good place to do that. I went there last year when I was in a wrist cast and so this year will be even more fun as I will get to get pushed around in a wheelchair. I am sure my teammates will be excited to help out with that.
The race seems to be shaping up to be a huge deal and it is going to suck watching it from the sidelines. Oh well I guess that is how it goes. I am super excited to hang out with the boys in vegas though, that is going to CRAZY!!!!! I can only imagine what we are going to get ourselves into...I will let you know...some of it..
Other than that I have been working at the shop everyday and watching "The Rock of Love", "The Pick Up Artist" and "The Real World" on a regular basis. I love america and its television it is so enlightening.
I'll keep you posted...maybe.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

wow what fun

Yeah that was Jim B's rear end in that last post, it sure is nice isn't it.
So not much is going on here in NC. The weather is nice to look at, and it probably would be nice riding weather.
I have been keeping busy by working at the bicycle shop. I just roll around in a wheelchair and talk to customers. It is kind of fun.
I have three more weeks of non weight bearing and then we will see how things are. My leg is already atrophied down to the bone. It is scray how fast that muscle has left.
Anyway everything is good, going to the symphony tonight. The WS symphony has tuesday night concerts which I thought was weird, but apparently they have been doing them for ever.
Happy BDAY to my DAD. It was yesterday and he isn't as old as I thought, so that is good.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I have nothing

I have nothing to say about anything at all. I am home in NC and have been spending my days watching tv. That is it. Nothing more nothing less. I did weigh in this week and took a "before" picture so I document what a mess I will become in these next weeks. Should be entertaining at least.
All joking aside I am well, just bored and my right leg hurts more than my left one because of all the hopping up and down on it.
My mom wants me to clean up my language on here, so I don't think i swore too damn much this time.
Check out this turd-cutter. Guess who it is correctly and I will mail you some of my vicodin as a prize.

This what downers looked like for our race...

I used to love racing in the rain...

Friday, August 24, 2007


So I had surgery today. It was fine, i guess. They put me under and so it went by quickly. Now i am chilling at the "boss man" chads house. Uh is flying up here tomorrow and driving me and my car back home on sunday. I am so lucky to have wonderful friends and teammates who have taken great care of me this week so I would like to say thank-you to them. I have some pictures I will put up on sunday when I get back to my computer.
Cyclingnews did a little story on my break, it is a funny story so check it out here. Is it bad that i giggled when I saw they mentioned beer in that article?
Good luck to my teammates who are competing in round 8 of the the USA crit series this weekend in binghampton ny. I was really looking forward to doing that race because I used to do it when I went to Ithaca college. It is right in that same area. Those pictures I posted a while ago is what I looked like when I did that race back then. People kept asking me if I was hot with all that hair. HA!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Damn Curb

This was almost exactly one year ago.
I guess it must be that time of year because I crashed badly at downers in the rain and broke my M-F ing calcaneous. For those who don't know what that is, it is your heel. I fractured it in 2 places and am having surgery on friday. It sucks and it hurts and I am out for at least 3 months. Gotta Love It.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

crits nats...

Heading to downers grove for the 7th time in 7 years...maybe this year will go better...

Legs are good, team is good, ribs don't hurt too terribly much, just need to take a step back and have fun.

I wish I had a picture of the time there that I ripped the entire ass out of my shorts and was rolling around afterwards and couldn't figure out why people were pointing, giggling, and blushing.

Sunday, August 05, 2007


NC is ROCKING right now. The farm is at full capacity and there are a ton of sweet criteriums going on.
So the big money crit was last night, pretty exciting stuff. The race was good, lots of people watching. Ended up 23rd and got a $500 prime. The team did well as Rich got in the money also. Only 3 amateurs placed in the money, so for us to get 2 in there is pretty cool.
Afterward, um...yeah....we went out just a little bit in downtown charlotte. Just a little bit.
Marco aka "patches" was so stressed he pulled his hair out.

Bennett and I ran into some fans after the race:

It was hot last night here, almost 100. Here is how Marco rolls. Nothing like hangin out without a shirt on.

One more race today and it is in hanes park here in winston-salem. should be interesting...

Friday, August 03, 2007

racing racing and crashing

The crossroads classic is going on this week. 3 one hour twilight crits leading into the big show on saturday night in Charlotte and then finishing with the Hanes Park NRC crit here in winston.
Wednesday night was the first night and I felt great. We went from the gun and took a lap witin a half hour. I ended up second.
Thursday night was good too. I felt real strong, but was holding back because saturday is Round 7 of the USA crit series and I need to be good there. Anyway, I realized it is much more dangerous in the pack than it is off the front. I crashed pretty hard with 12 to go because a Quebexican hooked bars with me. Ouch. I am ok, just annoying road rash. (Is "Quebexican" derrogetory? if it is I apologize). We use this term to refer to the french canadians who come down and pretend not to speak english. Ha it is all good though.

Other than that the excitment at the farm is high. I have 3 new roomates. Jill, Baby Lamb, and Spike. Jill is a person and this is baby lamb. Spike has been in hiding since they got here.

Here I am practicing for a rodeo.

Monday, July 30, 2007


Race Report From Norba National:
Cross Country: I have never been happier in my LIFE to get a flat tire. It put me out of my misery. It was raining and real muddy and impossible for me to steer my bike, and then I got a flat so I dropped out. It was fun though. The guys who rip it are absolutely incredible. Those guys suffer more than anyone else in cycling. I guarantee it. Its inspiring to watch.
Short Track: It was fun and fast, I got pulled with 4 to go, and ended up placing in the low 20s. It was a ton of fun and there is a huge learning curve when doing these, so I was glad to do one.

This weekend was just a bunch of fun. I got to catch up with the old paceline posse:

I also caught up with one of my old friends from college and he emailed me some pics of what I looked like in college. Check IT. That is Mark the musician not the Prissy Roadie!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

i am going to race mtn bikes

Today is the Norba National XC race at Sugar Mountain. I am currently stuffing my face with food, because it is going to be a tough race. It will be my first Norba National and first pro race on top of that. We went and pre rode yesterday and my asshole is still clinched from the decent. It is SO STEEP, and ROCKY, and MUDDY, and DANGEROUS. So I have decided to not even attempt to ride it. The course is 95% gravel road and 5% singletrack. So I plan on going as hard as I can on the road and running the singeltrack. I can't lose that much time can I? Not as much time as a broken wrist or collarbone. HA. I wonder if any of our road sponsors read this.

I almost wet myself descending the mountain. Rich apparantely does that in my car.

Anyway I would like to wish happy thoughts to DANIELLE and Mark Hendershot. Those crazy people are competing in the 24 hour solo mountain bike championships this weekend. Yes they like to see how far they can ride their mtb in 24 hours for no prize money. Good luck GUYS!!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


So I finally made it. In Mountain Biking, the equivalent of a category 1 on the road is called "pro" so I finally got my "pro" upgrade on the dirt. Just in time for the short track race at sugar mountain this weekend!!!! So now I guess I am technically a pro bike racer. Wow I should have done it this way years ago. Its much easier than trying to massage egos to get that road contract.

Congrats to A&F manager Chad Thompson and his wife Trudi. They had a baby girl yesterday afternoon. YAY!!!! Chad having a girl is a true testament that there is a such thing as karma.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

finally figured it out

So I haven't been feeling all that comfortable on my bike lately, just off a bit. So I finally checked my saddle height and the place where i have been marking it was a touch low. Just 2 CENTIMETERS!!! So I adjusted it and had the best ride of the year today. I felt so much STRONGER, holy cow i couldn't believe it.

This weekend MA RECORDS and myself were making fun of Rich about his new car, we thought it was kind of an odd choice of car for him. He seems to love it and says it is a "MANS" car. So we took a picture of him with it. The joke was on us though. HOLY SIX PACK BATMAN

Race report here from this weekend.

UH is coming back this weekend so that will be very exciting!!!! Time to break out the boxed wine and hammocks.

Monday, July 23, 2007


I don't have to sleep in a hotel for an entire MONTH. One month of sleeping in my own bed EVERY NIGHT. I am super excited. I even went grocery shopping to celebrate. I will still be racing, but all the stuff is within day trips, so life is good. I guess I should probably finally wash my sheets....
I rode my mountain bike for 3 hours today and I thought that my hands were going to fall off by the end. It was a beautiful day here, low 80s with not much humidity.
This is my third post is three days!!! As a result you can see that I have absolutely nothing to talk about, but here are 3 things that are very important to know
1. I have worn the same pair of shorts for the Enitre month of july so far. I have washed them though, so I guess that doesn't really count
2. I realized I was in the south today when I was in line at a gas station today and the person in front of me chatted up the cashier for about 5 minutes. LITERALLY and then took her sweet time writing a check. You ask who writes checks still at gas staions? It seems that everyone in the south does, especially when they are in front of me.
3. My penmanship is horrible. I guess I haven't really written anything with a pen and paper for a really long time, because I was writing something today and I was appalled at what I was seeing. Is it bad when you can't read your own writing?
Check out MA RECORDS blog for a cool write up and some good pics.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


The Boise Twilight was so fast and so exciting, crit racing at its best. We had so much fun. The course was super flat and super fast. We averaged over 29 mph!!!!!
We rocked it kind of. It came down to a bunch sprint and I ended up 7th and marco was 13th. Harper raced his A$$ off but unfortunately ended up flating with 2 to go. Luckily he didn't go down. So I am still leading the series....who would have thought!!!
This race was just so awesome and it was so much fun to race, attacks all the time, super fast corners. It is just so cool to travel to these cities and rock it in the dark. It is especially fun with just a few guys. MA Records, $rich, and myself have such a good time going to these events together.
After the race we went out with one of our favorite sponsors. Tom Coleman of wobblenaught bike fits. That guy fits in with the A&F mentality as we ended up being out with him til the wee hours of the night. It is so much fun racing at night. We didn't get back to the hotel from the race until 1030 which is 1230am est!!! Good stuff.
Anyway I took some pics and I will put them up when I get home as we are in the hotel still waiting to go to the airport.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


We are hanging out here in boise ID and it is so cool here!!! Downtown is sweet and is surrounded by mountains. We are staying at a very swanky hotel that even has a heated bathroom floor and bathrobes, so $RICH$ MA RECORDS, and Myself are all hanging out in them and watching the E channel.

People ask me why $RICH$ is $RICH$, well here is his licence plate:

Speaking of cars, here is Marco's. If you have HORRIBLE credit and need that motorcycle which probably costs more than you make in 8 months AND need it TODAY!! call marco--here is is driving to a race making deals:

We flew in last night and got here about 1130 pm Mountain Time, cranked the ac down to 45 degrees in the room and slept forever. The flight was ok, actually it was absolutely miserable. NW airlines has THE LEAST amount of legroom out of all airlines. Ouch. Nothing like not even being able to put your tray down flat.

So we race tonight. There is a rumor that there is a least a $100 dollar prime EVERY lap. We don't race until 9pm Moutain time which is 11pm est, for those of you who can't do math.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

quick update

So Elite TT and NATS were fine. They were fine. I didn't dig deep enough in the TT and got 23rd and I made the final selection in the RR which I was very happy with for 14th. I was happy with that result considering that everyone lining up for that race looked very hungry--they looked like they wanted a cheeseburger or just any food for that matter. Lots of skinny dudes looking like the death squad. Anyway being full figured, I think it is harder to go uphill.
I am home for two days and tomorrow we are flying to boise ID for the Wells Fargo Twilight Criterium which is also the USA CRIT series #6. I am so looking forward to the rest of the season as I have NO MORE road races or TIME TRIALS to do anymore. YAY.
I didn't get any good pictures this weekend, things were too tame. Although I did hang out with Jack Ham of the 80 somthing Pittsburg steelers who evidently is a big deal in PA.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

48 hours

So only 48 hours from now until we compete in the Elite Time Trial Nationals in Seven Springs PA.
I guess I should build my TT bike up finally.
Here it is:

After the TT on friday we hang out until monday when we do the Elite Road Race. Yay for 39 miles of continuous climbing in the race without counting the rollers...
We shall see how that goes...
If anyone sees scott chambers tell him that Sirius Satellite Radio is launching a grateful dead channel...he will be very pleased to hear that I am sure...HA!!!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

iron hill

Gotta love bicycle racing. Never a dull moment at least.
Good Race Report Here
and here(scroll down for a bit to see it)
This is all I am going to say.
Saturday evening was the iron hill twilight criterium. The race took place smack dab in downtown West Chester PA, which is an awesome city. The course was terrific, 4 corners with two real tight corners. The corners were so tight that I managed to roll a tire, well actually the base tape seperated from the tire and had to get a free lap. They wanted to dq me right there for having a tire roll, which is in accordance with usa cycling rules. They did decide to let me back into the race.
I managed to finish up in 6th place. Yay!!! Apparently the officials thought I made a dangerous move in the final sprint which is weird because I didn't feel like I did at all. Regardless they relegated me to 30th. NOBODY COMPLAINED!
Enough of that. At this Point it is all water under the bridge, the race was AWESOME, the city is sweet, no broken collarbones, had a fantastic time at the after party, had a great time at the race and I am still leading the series--BARELY. Lets move on!!!
I am home now for a few days until tt and road nats.

Yes it is true Nate, bicycle courier extroadinare finally won the diffcult race. After years of getting schooled and finishing second to local rock star Davey Rocket, Nate finally pulled this one out of his ass. It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that davey seemed to pull a muscle in his back during one of the many difficult transitions and had to pull out of the race. We have faith that nate would have won anyway...or would he have. We will have to wait until next year to find out.

Congratulations Nato!!!!! I can't believe you are riding gears AND a helmet...what a dork.
For those of you who don't know what an alleycat race is, it is a courier race, you have to navigate through the city and do pick up and deliveries. It is quite the experience and would recomend doing at least one in your life. I did one and saw 2 racers get arrested and got hit by a car, so i figured one was enough. Good times though.

Friday, July 06, 2007

halfway there

I am currently checking my email for the first time in a week. WoW it was a great week.
I am in Newark at sir Rish's house waiting for the playas to get ready to go to west chester.
We should be there by 9 or so tonight and we don't race until 8pm tomorrow.
Grand Rapids was fabulous, got to see ALL my friends and family. I literally saw everyone of my friends who still live in town except this joker:

Tomorrow is going to be sweet, everyone is super pumped, so hopefully we can pull out a podium. We are sure going to try that is for sure.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

On my was to MI!

YAY I am leaving in an hour to drive to ohio tonight and then on to MI in the morning. I will be up there all week.
I haven't been home since christmas and i am looking forward to hanging out up there for a week and seeing these guys:

I am also happy to be able to ride in anything but 95 degrees and intense humidity. Although it does get hot up there.
I rode 5 1/2 hours today and drank 230oz of fluid since waking up this morning and am still waiting to go to the bathroom. I should adopt $RICH$s method for rehydrating. He ate an ENITRE watermelon yesterday. Yes one whole watermelon. That guy is crazy.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Here are some photos of the week. I guess the week technically started in austin where $RICH$ found his soulmate. Happy BDAY to $RICH$ he is 30 today. Rich Harper is 30 30 30 HAHAHAHA. Man thats gotta suck.

There was a really cool team doing the race called "Organic Athlete" they are all vegans and real cool people. Their director Bradley Saul has a bike made out of bamboo...really. Bradley and I actually raced on a combine team in 2000 at the 4 Bridges of Elgin. That was a long time ago. But it is funny how small the cycling community is. They did well. Molly Cameron is on that team and is a big crosser. He ended up 4th overall and schooled all the a&fers in the sprint on stage 5. Good stuff.

There were all sorts of A&F crazed women following us and stalking us throughout the week.

Good thing we had marco's buddy VAN driving us around all week and being our body guard.

Here is my boy NATO modeling his teams new kit. He is on Team AWESOME. Yes that really is the team name. That is awesome. Nate was a great host and had a birthday also on sunday. Happy BIRTHDAY NATE!!!

Team Manager for Team Awesome is Mason. He was out at the worthington race cheering and doing some scouting/recruiting.

After worthington there were some parties on the course, us being us, couldn't resist free beer. We were off our legs so it makes it ok.

I tried to get this guy to trade that jersey for a yellow one, but he is so hardcore into masi that he wouldn't

Bennett is so hardcore, really. He is really rocking those shorts for real. He doesn't even care. He didn't even realize they were short. That man has some serious STYLE.

Nate and I were inspired by bennett so we decided to try and rock his style. I think it works don't you? Yes that is a styx album cover on my shirt.

We take this racing thing too seriously. Here we are at a reuion of the 2003 Ohio State Cycling Team. Kyle P, Kieran S, Nato, and myself. We went to ComFest which is a big music festival in downtown columbus. Good Music and big beers. What more do you want out of life. Oh yeah, we got to race the next day. Even better.

The morning after Com Fest we went downtown for the Gay Pride Parade. We were wondering where Chad had been all week, it turns out he was tanning and getting ready for the pararde.

I think this hat speaks for itself.