Monday, October 22, 2007

Home for a Minute

I have a bit of work to do...

So we (uh and I) got back from our MI trip yesterday. Nothing like starting a 12 hour drive in at 7am after going out from 5pm til 2am the day before. Luckily I had good company so it went by extremely fast.
The weekend was wonderful. I got to see every single one of my friends and family. It was the perfect trip.
The reunion was wonderful and I was surprised how everyone looks exactly the same. We recieved this book that had where everyone lived and who was married and how many kids people had. We graduated with 137 people. The book had 100 people responding and out of 100 people 18 people are not married and 11 live out of state.

My Crutches and I are off to Key West in the Morning!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!


Chris said...

Damn dude. When will your leg look normal again? That is freaky.

Ian Stanford said...

You look like Zabriskie did. So, how is Duvall St. treating you? Ah, Key West. Where the beer flows like wine. Watch out for the "clothing optional" bars. Those who play that option really should leave it on for the sake of getting others sick. You have to rent some of those cruiser bikes with a cage on the front, pick up some beer, and do laps of the Key on the bike paths. Ciao

geri said...

Heck, you really need to get a rascal, maybe with a scull and cross bones flag. Either that or put away that scrawny chicken leg

Colene said...

on the count of 3, everyone stick your finger up the persons butt to your right... :) i had a great time with you and your friends in the keys - you are all a bunch of great guys!! now that i have your blogspot, i'll be harassing you regularly. hope to see you again soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

How does a gimp shop-monkey manage to work so little and travel and party so much? Who is bankrolling this lifestyle?

As I sit in my office for the next 12 hours, I think I must be doing something horribly wrong. :(