Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I am home and safe

I survived the trip. Key West was an absolute blast. Nothing like riding a beach cruiser from bar to bar with your crutches in the basket. It was amazing. We stayed in a wonderful house with a great group of guys. I have some pictures coming up soon, but I just wanted to let my mom know that I am okay. HA!!!
I am back to riding, ramping things up a little bit. I can weight bear 75 lbs on my foot now and see the doctor in one week... hope it goes well.
It is still nice in nc...will get up to 70 today.
Not much else is going on, just working everyday and tonight uh and i are going to the symphony. The WS Symphony has tuesday night concerts which actually is a great day to go as there generally aren't any conflicts.
Pictures from Key West are coming...i promise.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I tried posting a comment the other day, but I dont think it worked?? I heard the Greatful Dead the other day and thought of you. It was so nice meeting all you. Keep in touch. jcooper1218@yahoo.com