Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I thought I was gonna be a hero.

I was outside yesterday and a lady walked by and asked if I had seen
an orange cat. Hers had gotten out and she was worried about it. I
hadn't seen it but she told me where she lived in case I did run into
it. So later I was walking burger around the block and I saw this
orange cat sitting under a car and it matched the description. So I
quickly took Burger home and went back to where the cat was; it wasn't
under the car anymore but it was in this frontyard. So I gently
approached this cat and i waa thinking how much of a hero i was going
to be for gettimg this ladys cat back. As I was bending over to pick
it up this guy opens his door and yells, "what are you doing to my
cat?!?!" Evidently it was the wrong cat.

Fortunately he had a sense of humor and after I explained to him why I
was trying to steal his cat he was okay with everything.
My life is so exciting now that I live in the city. I can't beleive I
just blogged about cats.

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

life lesson #2:

just try harder. That became the best answer this weekend when i was like, "Waayne how do I do this? Waaayne, its not working, what do I do?" Its amazing that everytime I tried harder it worked. I am such a newbie at home improvement, but after this weekend I can almost put in a drywall plug, and I can definately hold tools really well.
Aliza"s parents were down for 2 full days and they really worked hard and hooked up our house, we all did and got so much done. Here is what our little project ended up looking like:

Go Clemson!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

life lesson #1

Never cut drywall with a circular saw. It makes a mess. A really really really big mess that travels through the entire house. I have never done any sort of home improvement, not even painting so the hole in the wall was quite the project. It is almost done and luckily the studs weren't weight bearing...phew.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Home improvement

So the reason I haven't updated in a while this time is because Aliza and I bought a house and moved. Couple that with training and her working full time, moving in a ford focus, and no internet; it makes for a busy time.
Our new house is in Winston-Salem and now we have internet so I'm back posting. We aren't totally settled yet but we are steadily working on it. I usually hate moving but this time it has been a ton of fun.
Alizas parents came down last night and so today we were all going to go to the new Ikea which opened in Charlotte, but upon brainstorming Wayne (alizas dad) and I decided to knock out a wall and put a bar/window from our dining room into the kitchen.
Here are the before pictures and who knows what it is going to look like after...I hope wayne does because I just learned how to use a drill last week...

As far as cycling goes, I picked up a SRM so now instead of posting i can just put up my power files. HA
Our team camp is in a week and it is in Winston, so I am really looking forward to that and then we leave for california right from camp so the season is here!! Yikes!!! I better go train.