Sunday, February 22, 2009

life lesson #2:

just try harder. That became the best answer this weekend when i was like, "Waayne how do I do this? Waaayne, its not working, what do I do?" Its amazing that everytime I tried harder it worked. I am such a newbie at home improvement, but after this weekend I can almost put in a drywall plug, and I can definately hold tools really well.
Aliza"s parents were down for 2 full days and they really worked hard and hooked up our house, we all did and got so much done. Here is what our little project ended up looking like:

Go Clemson!!!


Maureen said...

nice orange! GO VOLS!
Seriously though--great job on the home improvement--looks good!

Anonymous said...

hey markie--do you want your kitchen trash bin back? lookin good markie, lookin real good! congrats to you both

rich said...

bah, a few blue stripes and you'll be doin the Gator Chomp! GO UF!

Anonymous said...

that orange is HIDEOUS!!!

Aliza said...

We don't care about your anonymous oppinion anyway >:

Northstar Bikes said...

Mark, looks good man! I'm impressed with the first eperiment in handyman-ism!