Monday, June 08, 2009

Bad Luck

Philly was yesterday and the team raced awesome. Philly is a super hard race and super long (156 miles or something like that). I was feeling good but with 5 miles to go we were flying and I got a flat tire. I got a wheel change but being a gigantic wuss, I couldn't catch back on to a peleton that was going 30+ mph. OH well that is racing for you.

I realized the other day I never give my coach enough props. Andy Applegate has been coaching me for 3 years now and ever since I started working with him, I got fast. He is the best coach ever and works for Asheville Velosports.
Andy has been so influential in my training, racing, and mental attitude and I owe him so much and couldn't be where I am in cycling without him.
We did a podcast via the phone last week for his website. It was a ton of fun so check it out here.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

We love Tulsa

Tulsa Tough is the best bike race in the world. It is a three criterium omnium over 3 days on three distinct courses. There also is a ton of prize money, which makes it an even cooler bike race, AND they pay out on the spot which definately makes it the coolest ever.
Anyway on the last day, Daniel rode away with 4 laps to go and stayed away for the win! It was by far the biggest win I have ever been on a team for and it is super exciting. Good Job Dan!!!!!!!!!
Next up is Philly on sunday so I better start training now...