Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I am going to vegas tomorrow and I CANNOT WAIT. I am going there to watch the USA CRITS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS on Thursday evening. It should be a riot as all I have to do there is party. I hear it is a good place to do that. I went there last year when I was in a wrist cast and so this year will be even more fun as I will get to get pushed around in a wheelchair. I am sure my teammates will be excited to help out with that.
The race seems to be shaping up to be a huge deal and it is going to suck watching it from the sidelines. Oh well I guess that is how it goes. I am super excited to hang out with the boys in vegas though, that is going to CRAZY!!!!! I can only imagine what we are going to get ourselves into...I will let you know...some of it..
Other than that I have been working at the shop everyday and watching "The Rock of Love", "The Pick Up Artist" and "The Real World" on a regular basis. I love america and its television it is so enlightening.
I'll keep you posted...maybe.

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Mark Hotchkin said...

Yes! Rock of Love and Pick-Up Artist are fantastic shows! Said hi to your dad tonight at the NUTS ride in Ada...guys still talk of years ago when you kicked ass out there on your single speed. Have fun in Vegas man.