Sunday, August 05, 2007


NC is ROCKING right now. The farm is at full capacity and there are a ton of sweet criteriums going on.
So the big money crit was last night, pretty exciting stuff. The race was good, lots of people watching. Ended up 23rd and got a $500 prime. The team did well as Rich got in the money also. Only 3 amateurs placed in the money, so for us to get 2 in there is pretty cool.
Afterward, um...yeah....we went out just a little bit in downtown charlotte. Just a little bit.
Marco aka "patches" was so stressed he pulled his hair out.

Bennett and I ran into some fans after the race:

It was hot last night here, almost 100. Here is how Marco rolls. Nothing like hangin out without a shirt on.

One more race today and it is in hanes park here in winston-salem. should be interesting...


Maureen said...

good to see you this past weekend...

what is wrong with Marco's hair?! no wonder he is always wearing a hat!

Dan Frayer said...

Just got my 2008 Cannondale Catalog. Will you autograph it for me?
love dan frayer