Friday, August 03, 2007

racing racing and crashing

The crossroads classic is going on this week. 3 one hour twilight crits leading into the big show on saturday night in Charlotte and then finishing with the Hanes Park NRC crit here in winston.
Wednesday night was the first night and I felt great. We went from the gun and took a lap witin a half hour. I ended up second.
Thursday night was good too. I felt real strong, but was holding back because saturday is Round 7 of the USA crit series and I need to be good there. Anyway, I realized it is much more dangerous in the pack than it is off the front. I crashed pretty hard with 12 to go because a Quebexican hooked bars with me. Ouch. I am ok, just annoying road rash. (Is "Quebexican" derrogetory? if it is I apologize). We use this term to refer to the french canadians who come down and pretend not to speak english. Ha it is all good though.

Other than that the excitment at the farm is high. I have 3 new roomates. Jill, Baby Lamb, and Spike. Jill is a person and this is baby lamb. Spike has been in hiding since they got here.

Here I am practicing for a rodeo.

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Cara said...

great job to 2nd place, boo to crashing, and yay to meowmies staying with you! see you saturday!