Friday, August 24, 2007


So I had surgery today. It was fine, i guess. They put me under and so it went by quickly. Now i am chilling at the "boss man" chads house. Uh is flying up here tomorrow and driving me and my car back home on sunday. I am so lucky to have wonderful friends and teammates who have taken great care of me this week so I would like to say thank-you to them. I have some pictures I will put up on sunday when I get back to my computer.
Cyclingnews did a little story on my break, it is a funny story so check it out here. Is it bad that i giggled when I saw they mentioned beer in that article?
Good luck to my teammates who are competing in round 8 of the the USA crit series this weekend in binghampton ny. I was really looking forward to doing that race because I used to do it when I went to Ithaca college. It is right in that same area. Those pictures I posted a while ago is what I looked like when I did that race back then. People kept asking me if I was hot with all that hair. HA!


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

We still love you furry!

Rest up and get strong again- I know you will.

miss the beard said...

grow the beard back

Scott said...

Grow the gut back