Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Big Time Interview

So finally made it up onto!!! It is a website about the seriousness of cycling. They interviewed me and it is on there right now. Check out thebikegame
Rode 3 hours in the dark last night, it was sweeet....


Anonymous said...

Now that is one of the funniest interviews I have ever read. Good job Fetty/Gruber/Hambone/whoever else. I cannot find the Cdale catalog ANYWHERE, though. Can you help?


elvis said...

Hey Mark. Tony here, ran into you while trail running over at Horizons toady. Nice to meet ya. Give me a shout and we'll go ride around Stokes.

Anonymous said...

Funky I was looking through the '08 C-dale catalog and I couldn't believe my eyes. I can finally say I know soneone famous! Great photo! Nice to see a GR boy make it big. Miss you at this year.

Anonymous said...

happy d-bag-giving!

milo said...

wasn't hamblen in the cannondale catalog way before you?

vergelimbo said...

Hilarious interview Mark!

I read the following entry on craigslinst:
"Basson reed whittling girlieman wanting to sell lightly used crosscycle bike preferably member of witness protection program"

Is that you, by chance?

Let's talk

Anonymous said...'s Dan from Alger email me @