Thursday, July 19, 2007

quick update

So Elite TT and NATS were fine. They were fine. I didn't dig deep enough in the TT and got 23rd and I made the final selection in the RR which I was very happy with for 14th. I was happy with that result considering that everyone lining up for that race looked very hungry--they looked like they wanted a cheeseburger or just any food for that matter. Lots of skinny dudes looking like the death squad. Anyway being full figured, I think it is harder to go uphill.
I am home for two days and tomorrow we are flying to boise ID for the Wells Fargo Twilight Criterium which is also the USA CRIT series #6. I am so looking forward to the rest of the season as I have NO MORE road races or TIME TRIALS to do anymore. YAY.
I didn't get any good pictures this weekend, things were too tame. Although I did hang out with Jack Ham of the 80 somthing Pittsburg steelers who evidently is a big deal in PA.


Chris said...

Jack Ham was a 70s Steeler. And one of the greatest outside linebackers of all time. Hall of Famer. Does that make you feel different about the experience? HA!

hecklejack said...
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hecklejack said...

Ha!! I was wondering why everyone was making a big deal about him. He did buy me a beer and did have 4 mid 20s girls hanging all over him. It was funny