Monday, July 09, 2007

iron hill

Gotta love bicycle racing. Never a dull moment at least.
Good Race Report Here
and here(scroll down for a bit to see it)
This is all I am going to say.
Saturday evening was the iron hill twilight criterium. The race took place smack dab in downtown West Chester PA, which is an awesome city. The course was terrific, 4 corners with two real tight corners. The corners were so tight that I managed to roll a tire, well actually the base tape seperated from the tire and had to get a free lap. They wanted to dq me right there for having a tire roll, which is in accordance with usa cycling rules. They did decide to let me back into the race.
I managed to finish up in 6th place. Yay!!! Apparently the officials thought I made a dangerous move in the final sprint which is weird because I didn't feel like I did at all. Regardless they relegated me to 30th. NOBODY COMPLAINED!
Enough of that. At this Point it is all water under the bridge, the race was AWESOME, the city is sweet, no broken collarbones, had a fantastic time at the after party, had a great time at the race and I am still leading the series--BARELY. Lets move on!!!
I am home now for a few days until tt and road nats.

Yes it is true Nate, bicycle courier extroadinare finally won the diffcult race. After years of getting schooled and finishing second to local rock star Davey Rocket, Nate finally pulled this one out of his ass. It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that davey seemed to pull a muscle in his back during one of the many difficult transitions and had to pull out of the race. We have faith that nate would have won anyway...or would he have. We will have to wait until next year to find out.

Congratulations Nato!!!!! I can't believe you are riding gears AND a helmet...what a dork.
For those of you who don't know what an alleycat race is, it is a courier race, you have to navigate through the city and do pick up and deliveries. It is quite the experience and would recomend doing at least one in your life. I did one and saw 2 racers get arrested and got hit by a car, so i figured one was enough. Good times though.


Tingler said...

Wow 30th? What did you do? Spike a beer in the sprint? Those crazy messengers. no more trying to keep up with Davey or Nato on Tuesdays here in Canal. It takes me three weeks to recover from that type beating.

Anonymous said...

hey, markie...a couple of things: 1) i am writing our lodger b/c he is bickering about the money he owes us. 2) jen found a plastic cinch tab in her blue cheese dip at O'reily's. 3) the write up was great, and your right-i do look like a dork in that photo. 4) i think people are more interested in reading about a pro racer, not a pro slacker. 5) i love you

Anonymous said...

yea Nate-O

Victoria said...

email me some pics from saturday night boy.....pretty please!
Good luck at nats!