Monday, July 23, 2007


I don't have to sleep in a hotel for an entire MONTH. One month of sleeping in my own bed EVERY NIGHT. I am super excited. I even went grocery shopping to celebrate. I will still be racing, but all the stuff is within day trips, so life is good. I guess I should probably finally wash my sheets....
I rode my mountain bike for 3 hours today and I thought that my hands were going to fall off by the end. It was a beautiful day here, low 80s with not much humidity.
This is my third post is three days!!! As a result you can see that I have absolutely nothing to talk about, but here are 3 things that are very important to know
1. I have worn the same pair of shorts for the Enitre month of july so far. I have washed them though, so I guess that doesn't really count
2. I realized I was in the south today when I was in line at a gas station today and the person in front of me chatted up the cashier for about 5 minutes. LITERALLY and then took her sweet time writing a check. You ask who writes checks still at gas staions? It seems that everyone in the south does, especially when they are in front of me.
3. My penmanship is horrible. I guess I haven't really written anything with a pen and paper for a really long time, because I was writing something today and I was appalled at what I was seeing. Is it bad when you can't read your own writing?
Check out MA RECORDS blog for a cool write up and some good pics.


Chris said...

Are you doing the crit in Grand Rapids in September?

Enjoy your hometime.

Maureen said...

Hekman! what's up? we are still in BOYSIE & we are drinking & hanging out. well glad you got home ok & we like your blog! so go check out ours! talk to you later!
MO & GERI :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

your penmanship is quite awful.
but your shorts are cool...
if your into dudes