Sunday, July 01, 2007

On my was to MI!

YAY I am leaving in an hour to drive to ohio tonight and then on to MI in the morning. I will be up there all week.
I haven't been home since christmas and i am looking forward to hanging out up there for a week and seeing these guys:

I am also happy to be able to ride in anything but 95 degrees and intense humidity. Although it does get hot up there.
I rode 5 1/2 hours today and drank 230oz of fluid since waking up this morning and am still waiting to go to the bathroom. I should adopt $RICH$s method for rehydrating. He ate an ENITRE watermelon yesterday. Yes one whole watermelon. That guy is crazy.

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JC's said...

Hey Mark! Good luck this sat at Iron Hill. You can also do the crit in Hummelstown, Pa at 10am then race with me at Hagerstown, Md at 2:45 and still make it for your 7:45 race at Iron Hill. If I had a sponsor for those races I would do all 3 but would get dropped on the last one.