Saturday, July 28, 2007

i am going to race mtn bikes

Today is the Norba National XC race at Sugar Mountain. I am currently stuffing my face with food, because it is going to be a tough race. It will be my first Norba National and first pro race on top of that. We went and pre rode yesterday and my asshole is still clinched from the decent. It is SO STEEP, and ROCKY, and MUDDY, and DANGEROUS. So I have decided to not even attempt to ride it. The course is 95% gravel road and 5% singletrack. So I plan on going as hard as I can on the road and running the singeltrack. I can't lose that much time can I? Not as much time as a broken wrist or collarbone. HA. I wonder if any of our road sponsors read this.

I almost wet myself descending the mountain. Rich apparantely does that in my car.

Anyway I would like to wish happy thoughts to DANIELLE and Mark Hendershot. Those crazy people are competing in the 24 hour solo mountain bike championships this weekend. Yes they like to see how far they can ride their mtb in 24 hours for no prize money. Good luck GUYS!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Your 06-09 road manager does. Win that b____h. And DO NOT get hurt.


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Be very careful and look pretty... that's all I ask.

--$riCh$-- said...

mang, how come i get all the embarrassing photos up here. it was you driving like a jacka-- making me spill my drink.

Maureen said...

hey $RICH$ I got scared for a second when I saw that pic of you with the Suburau Brat. I guess we will see you this weekend at the crits!
MO & Geri