Tuesday, July 24, 2007

finally figured it out

So I haven't been feeling all that comfortable on my bike lately, just off a bit. So I finally checked my saddle height and the place where i have been marking it was a touch low. Just 2 CENTIMETERS!!! So I adjusted it and had the best ride of the year today. I felt so much STRONGER, holy cow i couldn't believe it.

This weekend MA RECORDS and myself were making fun of Rich about his new car, we thought it was kind of an odd choice of car for him. He seems to love it and says it is a "MANS" car. So we took a picture of him with it. The joke was on us though. HOLY SIX PACK BATMAN

Race report here from this weekend.

UH is coming back this weekend so that will be very exciting!!!! Time to break out the boxed wine and hammocks.


Maureen said...

did Rich get a Subaru BRAT?! I did not know they still made those...

giantcu92 said...

Rich needs a Subaru Brat, he could definitely swing some chicks then. No wait, he couldn't, it's Rich.