Saturday, July 21, 2007


We are hanging out here in boise ID and it is so cool here!!! Downtown is sweet and is surrounded by mountains. We are staying at a very swanky hotel that even has a heated bathroom floor and bathrobes, so $RICH$ MA RECORDS, and Myself are all hanging out in them and watching the E channel.

People ask me why $RICH$ is $RICH$, well here is his licence plate:

Speaking of cars, here is Marco's. If you have HORRIBLE credit and need that motorcycle which probably costs more than you make in 8 months AND need it TODAY!! call marco--here is is driving to a race making deals:

We flew in last night and got here about 1130 pm Mountain Time, cranked the ac down to 45 degrees in the room and slept forever. The flight was ok, actually it was absolutely miserable. NW airlines has THE LEAST amount of legroom out of all airlines. Ouch. Nothing like not even being able to put your tray down flat.

So we race tonight. There is a rumor that there is a least a $100 dollar prime EVERY lap. We don't race until 9pm Moutain time which is 11pm est, for those of you who can't do math.


Anonymous said...

markie good luck, got spanked today at the troy crit, so did a&f, so did everyone else, because 9 texas roadhouse guys chewed it up...i think they took the first 9 spots or something. but i havent raced since grandview...i had to many commitments after winning the jumpinships alley cat. ya know how it goes. paul martin looks handsome in the stars and stripes though-

Chris said...

Boise is a great city. Good luck with your race.

I will call Marco when I am ready to get a Ninja.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Markie! I can't believe you're within a 7 hour drive of visiting me! . . . Perhaps I shouldn't hold my breath?! . . talk to you soon, bernie