Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Here are some photos of the week. I guess the week technically started in austin where $RICH$ found his soulmate. Happy BDAY to $RICH$ he is 30 today. Rich Harper is 30 30 30 HAHAHAHA. Man thats gotta suck.

There was a really cool team doing the race called "Organic Athlete" they are all vegans and real cool people. Their director Bradley Saul has a bike made out of bamboo...really. Bradley and I actually raced on a combine team in 2000 at the 4 Bridges of Elgin. That was a long time ago. But it is funny how small the cycling community is. They did well. Molly Cameron is on that team and is a big crosser. He ended up 4th overall and schooled all the a&fers in the sprint on stage 5. Good stuff.

There were all sorts of A&F crazed women following us and stalking us throughout the week.

Good thing we had marco's buddy VAN driving us around all week and being our body guard.

Here is my boy NATO modeling his teams new kit. He is on Team AWESOME. Yes that really is the team name. That is awesome. Nate was a great host and had a birthday also on sunday. Happy BIRTHDAY NATE!!!

Team Manager for Team Awesome is Mason. He was out at the worthington race cheering and doing some scouting/recruiting.

After worthington there were some parties on the course, us being us, couldn't resist free beer. We were off our legs so it makes it ok.

I tried to get this guy to trade that jersey for a yellow one, but he is so hardcore into masi that he wouldn't

Bennett is so hardcore, really. He is really rocking those shorts for real. He doesn't even care. He didn't even realize they were short. That man has some serious STYLE.

Nate and I were inspired by bennett so we decided to try and rock his style. I think it works don't you? Yes that is a styx album cover on my shirt.

We take this racing thing too seriously. Here we are at a reuion of the 2003 Ohio State Cycling Team. Kyle P, Kieran S, Nato, and myself. We went to ComFest which is a big music festival in downtown columbus. Good Music and big beers. What more do you want out of life. Oh yeah, we got to race the next day. Even better.

The morning after Com Fest we went downtown for the Gay Pride Parade. We were wondering where Chad had been all week, it turns out he was tanning and getting ready for the pararde.

I think this hat speaks for itself.


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Too much beautiful. Totally swell!

I don't even know where to begin... really, I don't.

Those are great and I know there are more pictures and tales that should not be told... so start spilling the beans.

HBD Rich!

Anonymous said...


deehutto said...

dude... congrats to you and everyone on the tour domination. Wish I could have been there!

I wanted to see if you still had room down there for crossroads... I have three teammates wanting to do it, and we are looking for a place down that direction!