Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Stage two was yesterday afternoon and it was a tough one. I was an 8 mile circuit with 2 climbs and a bunch of rollers. The team raced amazingly well and we managed to get our kiwi Josh England, aka, CHUNDER, (i think chunder is kiwi slang for poo or vomit, not sure)the stage win AND the kom jersey. I would like to say that we made it easy for him, but we led him out to the bottom of the last hill and he did everything else by himself. He really salvaged it and pulled it out so kudos to that strong dude.
Today is the hard stage, 70 miles in the hocking hills with 7 real climbs. OH BOY. Wish I hadn't eaten all those cheeseburgers this winter now.
We have all three jerseys now, now all we need to do is to keep them.


E-rich said...

right on, mark and a&f! we are cheering for you back in w-s. show 'em how it's done.

Hold 'dis on 'eem said...

The ToO needs to get their shit together and have a stage in the upper OH valley.

It's a little Belgium up there, just without the riders, fans and frites.

They've got great roads though.