Monday, June 11, 2007


Yes I am listening to the grateful dead while I post this. Love that band, man oh man!!!
So yeah we raced again this weekend, woke up at 5am to drive to tn, did a cool point to point road race on saturday morning that ended on an 8 mile climb, rode back to the car after the road race completely cracked, ate chicken tacos, did a TT saturday afternoon, drove back to asheville, drank 40s (yes plural) on andy's porch, drove back to tn sunday morning, raced a crit, won the crit and the omnium. It was AWESOME!!
It was a really good weekend, we had a TON of fun and got to see a bunch of familiar faces. The SE region is by far the best region to race in. The racing is hard, the people are cool, the teams are evenly stacked, and the prize lists are big.
It was just rich, andy, and myself and we raced like a true team and it worked out for us. It is fun having a small cohesive unit like that were everyone races together. It feels good.
Is that a good enough race report? I think people like the picutres more than my awful prose so here are the higlights from the weekend.
The criterium was in downtown Bristol TN and in VA these markers were down the straightaway. Half in TN half in VA. Pretty Cool

Bristol has a bunch of cool shows coming through town...mark that date on your calendar.

It was cool to see the regional guys. Here is geri showing us his hidden talents.

$RICH$ having to check the tire pressure after having a very tall cool one. Rich crashed in the road race and literally almost got run over by a dualie towing horses...NO JOKE. It was scary, but everyone was ok.

The new crit monster A2. Andy hit the deck real bad on the last lap, he will be ok. His haircut is amazing...

I love cheetos...LOVE THEM

The secret to racing fast in a criterium on sunday after racing hard twice on saturday is proper recovery. I opted for the high life, while $RICH$ is more into the king cobra. We enjoyed those on A2's new huge porch. It was sweet.

I am home for 5 days now. I fly to austin for USA CRIT race #4 friday and then go directly to TOUR OHIO on monday so lots of racing coming up. But for now it feels good to be home.


keith said...

My buddy was in the cat1,2&3 race and he said someboby got hit by a car or something. Glad everyone is OK.

Ryan Baumann said...


Hey dude, congrats on the killer season so far! The man himself from training camp this winter, Steve Scholzen, is going to the Tour of Ohio. It'll be a blast to hear you two duking it out in sprints!

Meanwhile I'll be at the boring old NVGP, shucks.

Take care, keep ripping legs off--


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

$RICH$ is a total wanker! Cobra? What ever happening to OE? That shit makes you a man! A fall-down, slobbering, incoherent man... but a man just the same.

Keep up the good work. See you in Vegas- if not sooner.

A2 is a demi-god...

Jason said...

Henceforth, you must refer to Rich as either "Snake" or "Rocko".
Now... go ask him why.

Geri said...

Hekman--thanks for the shout out. you guys are riding good up there in OH!