Thursday, June 14, 2007

touch of grey

Yeah...I really need to stop listening to the grateful dead. I did some intervals yesterday, and when I was trying to go as fast as I could, all I could hear in my head was a very relaxed version of "touch of grey"...I need to start listening to the band disturbed or something like that. Enough of this laid back stuff.
Had a great dinner with a good friend of mine tonight--Jay, is one of my first friends here in winston and a new proud father and it we don't hang as much as both of us would like, but it is good to catch up when we can. I miss the long training rides this winter afforded both of us.
I fly with my bicycle for the first time in my life tommorrow. I have never flown to the race and it is cool that I finally get to do that tommorrow. I guess I am "BIG TIME" now that I get to fly. HA! We are going to Austin TX to race round 4 of the USA CRIT SERIES. I am still leading the series which is amazing to me and our whole team...hopefully we can retain that lead after this weekend.
Winston has been treating me very well as there are many bike racers living here now who like to go out and misbehave. I would encourage anyone looking for a place to move to come here....I have rooms for rent--JUST KIDDING. But this is a great time.
I fly back sunday afternoon and drive to ohio on monday for the start of tour of ohio on monday afternoon.
It is cool going to race at all these different places, but it would be nice to be home for more than 5 days in a row.
Check out Road Magazine. It hit newstands today, haven't seen it, but I hear it is a cool story.
Brad F just called me, believe it or not so I have to go.



Little Lion said...

Saw the article about you on Cycling News, very nice... best of luck to you in Texas, you're riding very well. Just enjoy it! :o)

Anonymous said...

disturbed is the worst band ever....yeah listen to them!!

Anonymous said...

Are you MATT Hekman??!!!!