Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Jokes On Me...not in yellow after all.

so after the race yesterday the promoter gave me the yellow jersey and told me I was the leader, apparently that was just a cruel joke as I was reading today online that dickey is in yellow. HA! I have the jersey in my car, maybe I will just show up with it on.
What happened, I am assuming, other than the world being against me, is that because dickey got a 20 second time bonus and i got a 10 and I had a 10 from earlier in the week we are actually tied on time. So that means since he won a stage and I only have 2 2nds that he is the leader per USA cycling tiebreak laws.
Oh well, I just wish they hadn't given me that jersey and I wish I hadn't told everyone that I know that I was the leader. HA!!! 2 more crits with time bonuses at the finish.


BVDG said...

thanks for the high tops buddy

Jason said...

apparently this dickey kid has a mean'll have to beat him on the boards.

milo said...

im sorry about this morning.
milo loves you

Anonymous said...

1) Bennet is gay and uses Nair with his short shorts.

2) Yellow makes you look gay.

3) This team loves you.

4) Drink everything in site!