Tuesday, June 19, 2007

austin, tour ohio stage one.

I have a lot of catching up to do, I am currently in Columbus Ohio, which feels like home, staying at NATOS, who is my old roomated when I lived here. It is so good to be back in Ohio and doing tour ohio for the 5th time.
So last friday we flew to austin to do round 4 of the USA CRIT series. Austin is a fantastic town and the race was right smack dab downtown. We stayed with $RICH$'S old teammated Phil and his girlfriend danielle. They showed us the best restaurants and took real good care of us, it was sweet. We had mexican for EVERY meal even breakfast while we where there. LOVE IT.
The race was saturday night I raced real aggresivley and ended up getting in a good move with about 35 laps to go. We stayed away until less than one lap to go. LESS THAN ONE STINKING LAP. We got caught, I managed to hang on for 8th with harper 9th and gavic 12th. So it was a good weekend. As a result I still have the lead of the Crit series, but moreover, that moves A&F into first in the team comp. Harper has moved into the top 10 as has Brandon Gavic.
Here are 2 pictures of the race courtesy of Georges Schemagin at georgess.com Thanks

So we raced sat night in austin, flew back to raleigh nc on sunday afternoon, drove back to winston sun night, woke up super early monday to pack, left at 8 am to drive to ohio and was racing the first stage at 630pm. Crazy Traveling.
Tour Ohio this year has 127 racers, that is quite a bit. I love this race and tym tyler does a sweet job putting it together.
Stage 1 was AWESOME. The course was super tight, less that 1 km in length with 8 TURNS!!!! I saw that course and smiled. I love technical crits, they are my most favorite things EVER.
We have 9 people on our team for this race and we are all crit racers, for the most part. We attacked and attacked and attacked to try to get away and keep the pace up, but people kept on chasing and chasing. I ended up winning all the intermediate sprints for the sprinters jersey while marco kept on taking 2nd in them. In the end it came down to a bunch sprint and we lined it out for marco. I had last pull and took him through the last corner and since the sprint was so short only he came around so we went 1st and 2nd.
Our team raced so hard today it was insane. Everyone raced, it was really cool to see everyone throwing down at the front.
That course was so cool. The race started with 127 people, but I think at least 1/3rd got dropped, it was lined out the entire race.
Stage 2 is this afternoon in gambier oh. it is a circuit race with 2 climbs on it. So we will see how our teams "crit" phsyiques holds up in the hills. Today isn't that bad, but wednesday has some big big climbs...

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Deb said...

Awesome picture of you and the sky... Good job Mark! Just saw on the news that GR is having a new race in September. Look at woodtv.com