Monday, June 04, 2007

yes I know

I know I know I know I haven't updated in a while. There are good reasons for that, mainly that I have f-in busy OKAY?!!!
HA people would be amazed at what I consider busy.
Things have been so amazily wonderful lately that I am scared that something tragic is about to happen..oh wait, maybe this is payback for spending 4 MONTHS in a cast this winter!!!!
Anyway bike racing is going well, I am still leading the usa crit series--pinch me I am dreaming. I have been traveling traveling traveling. I just got back from washington dc this weekend where I did my fanciest race to date--the CSC Invitational. It was sureal and super cool to be able to participate in a race like that. Amateurs are not allowed in that race, but since it was on the USA Crit circuit, they graciously allowed me and marco to be part of a combine team with 6 other amateurs. We were part of the "Arlington Sports All Stars" It was cool it worked out great because they had a bunch of people to support us and give us water in the feed zone--it was SO HOT!! Anyway it was a pretty uneventful race--I was off the front for a little bit, then tailgunned the rest of the race and ended up 13th.
So enough talk. Here are some pics that more aptly show what I have been up to.
Breakfast on the porch with Jill, Josh and UH

Complete with screwdrivers

$RICH$ trying to cure some serious swamp ass by drying his drawers out on the dash.

Look at KYLE--my personal DS. I haven't seen him in years, but traveling has brought us back together a few times in the last couple weeks. YEAH...nato you are missing out.

All star teammate Jon Hamblen showing off his new jeans...WOW!!

I dont think my jersey for CSC matches too well with my A&F Shorts. Its ok though it was so hot and if we didn't have them feeding us, there was NO way we would have finished. THANKS!!

Who wants Chocolate??? Happy birthday LIZ!!!

Travel Buddy and long lost brother for memorial day weekend PHIL taking racing and recovering seriously...


Ben said...

It is now are my hero! Do you get all the grapes you want ranking in the top 20 NRC? Looking forward to seeing you race when we get back state side.

rich said...

thats good you found your camera. wouldnt want that pond pic to go to waste.

Marco Aledia said...

Rich if you think those ponds pics were bad wait till you see some of the pics from Sat night in DC.. haha

Anonymous said...

Yeah, happy birthday hot chick!!!!!

Hi Mark.