Monday, May 21, 2007

not much

Not much has been going on, just recovering by watching baseball games, drinking beer, playing fooseball, going out to dinner, playing pool, watching sunsets, drinking wine, going out, dancing, sleeping in, sitting on porches, having really deep conversations late at night with writers over wine, sleeping in some more, and finally getting sick. My off the bike habits have always impressed many.
I came down with a mild sinus infection, but it seems to be clearing up nicely.
Racing starts again tomorrow with the winston-salem world championships. It is funny, I can win athens, but the dixie classic fairground victroy this year has eluded me so far.
We have a big race weekend coming up. Friday night is the NRC Raleigh Twilight Crit, saturday is the NRC bike jam in baltimore and sunday is the Tour of Sommerville. The legs feel awesome and the confidence is high so it should be time for a reality check.
Congratulations have to go out to 2 people, Danille Musto for winning the 12 hours of tsali solo YEAH DANIELLE!!!! Andy Applegate, won the 6 hour solo race at the 12 hours of tsali also. So good job andy!!! He said he is sore from the lemans start, not the actual race. I guess they had to run 1k uphill to get their bikes. OUCH.


Anonymous said...

Go get'em killer! I gots faith!


Joe Sieracki said...

Dude, You rocked at jacksonville with that impressive bridge, so I expect to see some fireworks on monday's race! :)

Good luck all weekend!

Danielle said...

Good Luck Mark.

Andy's right. The run up the hill was horrible.