Tuesday, May 08, 2007


So my two day stay at home is over, tomorrow morning we leave for Arkansas, which evidently is quite far away.
After talking to many people about what I should do with the prize money we won, I decided to buy a motorcycle, and not just a motorcycle a HYABUSA!!!! I figured if you wanted to get a bike, you might as well get a big one. JUST KIDDING MOM.
I did buy something, I bought a piano!!! After getting laughed out of a piano store with the amount of money I wanted to spend, UH and I stopped by the salvation army, and they had 2 to choose from, so after calling in a favor from cameron and talking the checkout lady down on price, I have a new piano for the grand total of 67.35. What a deal. To bad we dropped it loading it in and dropped it taking it out of the truck...yeah it is a touch out of tune, but I love it. Now I can sit and play "NOVEMBER RAIN" til my heart is content.
Here is Cameron smashing his fingers.

They had children on sale when I got the piano, so I bought a baby also


I was lucky enough to have set up a surveillance camera which caught the vandals this past weekend...

Jessica and her tiara TAGGING my house.

There was a big big party monday night in winston, you can read all about it here
I probably won't have internet for the next week, but I am sure I will have some good stories when I come back.


deehutto said...

Hey man.... PIANO! PIANO!! Now this gives me another reason to come visit you. I was going to say, on my way down to GA in june I may swing in and say whats up.... mellow mushroom. haha. Again congrats on the piano, the kid and the WIN!

michael said...

Hey Mark--I saw your name when I was reading about the Athens crit and thought, "wait, I know that guy!" Congrats on your recent successes--I still live in Ithaca where we met and rode a bit during the spring and summer of 2001 (just before I became a faculty member at IC--history department). We did a Take the Lake ride that May and at every road sign sprint you kept pulling out of your pedal (old cleat I think). Anyway, all the best! Michael Smith (mismith@ithaca.edu)

Marco Aledia said...

credittoride.com baby! let me get ya on that BUSA!

Rowbear said...

man, that's bad ass. I want a piano but I want to be able to play that "wherever you go whatever you do" song by Richard Marx. It rocks ballz.

Rich said...

hmm, Iphone or piano. Who woulda thought. For some reason I find it totally hilarious that you bought a baby. Fits right into the string of the "new" Hekman.

sophisticated wine drinking, no partying during races, eating well, living up to big claims (making a name). And now a baby. You're moving right up. HA

credittoride.com baby! lemme get ya on that 40% interest rate.

milo said...

that's the cutest little girl baby i've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

You did not have to buy a baby! Trudi and I have one coming you could have borrowed anytime.

Your girl is hot.

Why wasn't I invited to the party.

Tel Neil to call his mum. She wrote an e-mail to me thinking he is dead. Really.