Monday, May 07, 2007


So the USA SE CRIT series finished yesterday in decatour AL. I managed to pull out 2 top tens in the last two days to secure the overall series.
This was the coolest week of racing ever. Almost all the crits were at night, the courses were disgustingly and dangerously fast (good thing), and the crowds were absolutely HUGE. It was good old american crit racing at its finest. People may think that crit racing is not an extreme sport, but it is and it makes the x games look like it was designed for pansies. Nothing like cornering at 30+ mph elbow to elbow in a group of 100+ spandex clad dorks. GOOD STUFF.
So I am home for a few days before we go off to Arkansas for the Joe Martin Stage Race. We drove home after the race last night and didn't get in until 5am, poor rich then slept for two hours and then had to drive two more to work--AHH THE LIFE.
When we were pulling up into my driveway, I thought someone had spraypainted the entire front porch of my house, but it turned out to be a whole bunch of decorations and balloons welcoming us home and saying congratulations, it was awesome...there were even some red vines and a tiara...P.A.'s rock...
I'll post some pictures once I find my camera and clean out that nasty van.


smackthewonderclown said...


Why to roll it man.

Take the best win (everyone wants to win twilight) and the overall.

Your the man.

Super Bon Bon said...

Way to go Mark! That's awesome!

Bob said...

Congrats Mark!

Anonymous said...

Who wants to be a rock star? That is so 80s and 90s. The newest and coolest thing is being a bassoonist. I want to be a bassoon star!!!!!

You rock. For real!