Wednesday, May 02, 2007

on the road

I am currently hunched over probably the most disgusting computer i have ever typed on, in a total dive hotel, in the wonderful south.
I don't have much time, as we are headed out to go give a high school presentation and pretend how glamorous the life of a cyclist is. I am not saying that it is not glamorous, but some of us almost did have to sleep in the van last night.
Round 3 was last night and I am still going well. My confidence is up and people seem to be giving me room in the peleton which makes for easier racing.
The course last night was absolutely insane, we went down a dark super narrow alley!!! The race didn't start until 9pm and it was super fast.
I ended up winning the mid race prime $$$$ and then taking fourth at the finish. Yeah!!! I think I may be back in the overall lead, but I will find out later.
Things are going great and the team is having a ton of fun, although my stomach feels weird--i think it might have been my rare double quarter pounder with cheese and extra large frie at 1230 from mcdonalds last night immediately followed by sleep.
Hopefully I will have pictures soon.


Anonymous said...


Keep rolling Mark!


Ian Stanford said...

Mark, stick with the Big Mac's. They are time tested and much more delicious. And pedal softly in dark alleys in the South. Creepy places. -Ian

Moose said...

YOU ARE THE MAN and YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! Great job....I can't wait to hear all the stories when you return to the store. Keep up the good work! I finished ok this past w/e 9th in the open at Tour de Moore and 2nd in my cat. at Meadowmont. See you at SmithBarney??

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Keep it up, Big Red!

How's it feel to be #1?

milo said...

we miss you

Anonymous said...

mark, i rule!

just trying to keep you humble...


Danielle said...

Geez, it's a good thing that Bonnie and I came down to visit. Training with us really seems to have made you fast :-)

koratoo said...

Mark, 2 words - Big Meat. Give it to'em brother. Nice job out there!

Anonymous said...

mark i am trying to find Bach's Cello Concertos at the library, i used to have it but lost it...what is the complete title of this piece of music so that i can once again enjoy it?