Friday, May 04, 2007


I love the south...we pulled up to the gas station down here and we saw this guy filling up his car and then going inside to buy some 24oz Bud Heavies!!! LOVE IT.

Here is a wonderful picture of $RICH$ recovering properly...he was jealous of the guy on the lawnmower.

We are having an awesome time this week. We are so fancy there were only 7 of us in one hotel room with one bed last night. AWESOME. We did manage to get another room after debating for a few hours whether we could make the housing work or not.
Round 5 concluded last night, these crits are off the hook and a ton of fun. The last few courses have been really fast. I snuck in there for 8th last night and I think I am still 2nd overall, we will find out later today.
We are on our way to spartanburg sc which is only 2 hours from my house and then we drive to AL for the weekend which is 9 hours. It is kind of a cruel joke, to be so close to home and then drive all the way over there for two days and then drive home for 2 days and then leave for arkansas on wednesday.
Check out marco's blog to see the best picture of the a&f team in fine form. $RICH$'s back is pretty much burnt up right now.


Anonymous said...

i'm not sure my dad authorized publishing that picture of him

Brandon said...

have a Heavy for me Hek.


Dennis said...

Congrats Speedy! Way to represent the G. Raps in the Dirty South!