Thursday, March 25, 2010

Time trial

The time trial was this afternoon. It was 3 miles of pure misery.
Uphill misery actually. We have cool tt bikes this year so at least it
sounds like your going fast if nothing else. Not sure how we did. I
rode about 35 seconds faster than last year but not sure how that
stacks up.
Life in Redlands is good. It's sunny an warm and we are staying on an estate that has acres of orange trees and guacamole trees...wait I mean avacado trees I think.
Cyclingnews wrote a nice article about what a dork I truly am. It's awesome they called me out on that so now everyone can make fun of me, not just the people I know. Check it out here.
Tomorrow is a long road race followed by a crit on Saturday and then a stupid hard, nearly impossible road race on Sunday. This trip is always fun and a good way to see where I have to improve, which right now seems like everywhere.
Looking forward to coming back to NC to UH and the animals. Until then I just need to stay upright.

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